This Sex Toy is a Game Changer For Long Distance Relationships!

When you’re in a long distance relationship there’s a lot of sexting, phone sex, and even some face time play, but getting close to the real thing is really hard.

There are a few sex toys on the market that will let your man have some control over your pleasure no matter where he is, but what if you could really step the intimacy up a notch?

Introducing The Onyx + Pearl couple toys from Kiiroo!

This new set of sex toys changes up the game by giving you a little more control over your man’s pleasure. The set comes with a toy for each of you; you take the penis, he takes the box and from miles away you can rock each other’s worlds.

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Whatever you do to the dildo, happens inside of the box. So if you’re giving one hell of a hand job, your man can feel the sensation of all your hard work inside the box. It can also sense when you’re using the dildo vaginally so your man can feel like he’s at home under the sheets gettin’ him a piece of you!

The makers of this toy didn’t leave you out though. Your man can stroke the top of the box in different patterns and your dildo will vibrate accordingly, giving you both some good control over some good lovin’.

It’s scary how far technology has come, you can now officially have sex with someone while they’re in another state, but it won’t come cheap!

The set will run you $369, but maybe you can forego a designer purse for some more personal long distance D. Seems like a worthwhile investment.

Check out the toy in action on the BBC Three segment “Virtual Reality Virgin.”

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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