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She’s Baaaaaack! Watch Beyonce’s New Video ‘Formation’!

On the eve of her highly anticipated return to the Super Bowl with Cold Play, reports have been buzzing Beyonc√© would perform new music. It was all confirmed when Bey pulled another surprise video debut!

“Formation” dropped on Bey’s Instagram, and everyone’s like “Anti Dairy” who?! Sorry, Rihanna.

Directed by Solange’s best Melina Matsoukas, Beyonce is seen at peak Blackness while elevating the raw beauty of post-Katrina New Orleans, diamond studded preachers, corner store weave culture included.

There’s striking references to Black Lives Matter with a white wall spray painted reading “Stop shooting us.”

Bey and her signature dancers slay in formation against police brutality, sexism and rampant Black female misunderstandings.

Don’t miss Bey drowning a NOLA police car and the now classic lines, even less than 24 hours, to Red Lobster and Jackson 5 nostrils.

Welcome back, Bey.

Watch Beyonce’s new video now, and let us know how you’re feeling it! 



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