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Rachel Dolezal had a Baby During Black History Month and Named him After Famous Black Men

Far be it from Rachel Dolezal to miss out on the action of the Blackest Black History Month on record.

Everyone’s favorite faux Black girl gave birth to a baby boy on Tuesday February 16th and posted an announcement on her Facebook page.

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Not only did Rachel have her baby right in the midst of Black history month, but she also gave him a name that’s blacker than black, Langston Attickus Dolezal.

Dolezal’s little bundle of joy was named after famous Black poet Langston Hughes and Crispus Attackus, the Black man who was the first victim of the Boston Massacre.

As Black as little Langston’s name is, we’re not sure if he has any actual Black heritage, Doelzal doesn’t specify the baby’s father and he’s just too new and pink to tell!Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 8.13.29 PM

While Rachel is excited about her newest addition, Black twitter hasn’t forgotten how she played the entire Black community for years, and naming her son after Black men doesn’t seem to be enough to redeem her.


If we’re being honest here, at least Rachel is trying, trading her for Stacey Dash may be a smart play on our part at least she wants the whole Black experience.giphy (33)

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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