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No Surprise: Stacey Dash is Here For Casting a White Man as Michael Jackson

Someone please come get Stacey Dash, because apparently being dragged by the whole of the Black community doesn’t seem to be teaching her a thing.

The very “Clueless” actress and right wing political commentator has once again opened her mouth and shared her opinion where it isn’t wanted.

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An upcoming British television movie called “Elizabeth, Michael and Marlon” is set to follow the story of Michael Jackson, Marlon Brando, and Elizabeth Taylor on a cross country road trip after the 9/11 attacks.

Actor Joseph Fiennes was cast in the role of Michael Jackson, which is problematic because Fiennes is White. Despite the fact that Jackson’s complexion was visibly changing at this point, he was of course, still a Black man.

Fiennes’s casting came right on the heels of a very white washed Oscars nomination reveal and is just another example of how whitewashed Hollywood really is.

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Well Stacey Dash decided to pen a blog post sharing her opinion.

In it she wrote:

“BRAVO! I’m sick and tired of being told ‘Sorry, Stacey, this is a Caucasian-only role.’ Counterintuitively, this decision by Hollywood—which looks like a diss to blacks—is actually what we’ve been saying all along: roles should NOT be based on color.”

She even cited “Hamilton”, a popular Broadway play with a predominately Black cast portraying the founding fathers, as something to back up her argument.

She continued:

“This decision throws that white-only card out the window. They can’t look at black actors and say, ‘Sorry this role is Caucasian-only.’ Roles should not be dictated by race.  I want to see more of this diversity and thinking outside of the box with the equality that this designation entails—this is the right track.”

“Yes, I’m asking for a lot. Yes, I’m going against the flow of traffic. Yes, I will receive hate over this. Guess what?  I don’t care. I have wings.”

Well someone needs to clip those wings and ground Ms. Dash because her opinion is definitely circling illegal air space.

Seriously we actually liked you better as Dionne. giphy (69)

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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