Netflix and Chill Could Be A Major Key For Your Relationship!

“Netflix and chill” may be looked down on as some, but according to new data released by Netflix, it might be an important part to your relationship.

In a survey conducted by the streaming giant, 58 percent of people said they bond with their significant other over the television shows and movies. 72 percent also said they prefer staying in and watching Netlfix with their partner for a date night.

The data found Netflix does in fact play an important role in the beginning stages of a relationship, with 27 percent of people saying having their favorite television shows in common (also known as “show compatibility”) is important.

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A quarter of the survey takers said they found people more attractive based on the shows they watched. In turn, this information caused the Netflix marketing department to come up with the term “show goggles.”

All of this data regarding people wanting to have “show compatibility” with their significant others is plausible. Talking about what shows and movies you watch on Netflix is a good first date conversation. It’s also a good sign if you like watching television with someone.

Netflix and Chill Could Be A Major Key For Your Relationship! - Jawbreaker


Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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