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Kanye West Could be Designing Kids Clothes

Have you ever thrown on something from Yeezy Season 1 or 2 and felt like it was unfair that your little one couldn’t be as fresh as you?

Well your worries may just be over.

Early Tuesday morning Kanye West tweeted about his vision for Yeezy season 4.

He’s got children’s clothes on the brain. Currently  Season 3 is only days away from its drop, but Kanye being the visionary that he is, is already looking to the future.

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No further word on what to expect from Season 4, but considering we’ve already seen North in some custom Yeezy pieces we can probably expect that she’ll be the muse and star of the collection.

If Yeezy Season 4 really is just a kids collection there will definitely be a huge group of disappointed fans who we hope will not try to find ways to fit into the clothes.

Would you buy your kids, neices, or nephews Yeezy season 4 or is that for the grown folk? Sound off!

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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