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Could Odell Beckham Jr. be Zendaya’s New Man?

Zendaya is definitely Hollywood’s rising star, not only does she sing, dance, and act, but the teenage sensation also has her own shoe line, a Barbie doll, and is the newest face of Covergirl cosmetics.

Rising to the top doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for her to date and Zendaya’s always been pretty straightforward about not really getting into any relationships, but could the tides be changing?

At the 2016 Grammys after party’s Zendaya was spied on the arm of NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. as she made her exit. Everyones been speculating about the possibility of a relationship and her dad may have just confirmed it!

Papa Coleman told TMZ that, “There’s no relationship,” but don’t get sad for Zendaya just yet!

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It’s pretty well known that her parents play a really big role in her life and apparently dating is no different.

“[They’re] just friends… When you see my daughter out on a date without me. it’s a relationship. It’s like an audition. It’s an interview,” he told TMZ.

Which means that there’s still hope for Zendaya and Odell to be a thing!

We’re rooting for Odell to get a call back because we’re already working on relationship names.

Zodell anyone?

Would you be down for this new couple?


Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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