It’s no secret that this year’s Oscar’s were surrounded by controversy as yet again no Black actors were nominated in any major categories.

Black celebrities and fans alike decided to boycott the Oscars, but despite a lapse in the attendance of Black celebrities this year’s Oscars might just have been the Blackest one yet!

White People Were Uncomfortable

Say what you want but Black people love making White people uncomfortable about race. It’s like a right of passage in schooling White people on race relations and Chris Rock made sure he hit the nail on the head all night long.

He touched on Black Lives Matter, mentioned #OscarsSoWhite at every possible moment, and used his opening monologue to be really open and honest about the fact that yes the Academy is racist; just not burning crosses racist.

Chris Rock  Worked Two Jobs

In the true nature of hustling, Chris Rock decided to bring his second job as a dad into his role as host of the Oscars.

Rock brought out the Girl Scouts of Los Angeles to sell their addictive cookies to the audience of celebrities in hopes that he could raise more money for his daughter’s troop than he had in previous years.

The scene may have seemed like a skit, but Rock wasn’t playing and neither were celebrities who brought a whopping $65K in cookies and ate up every crumb!

Angela Bassett Got Really Shady

There were a few interesting skits throughout the night, but a common theme seemed to be taking shots at Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith for their decision to boycott the Oscars. The hardest blow of the night was awarded to Will Smith, by Angela Bassett. In a ‘Black History Month Minute’ clip, Bassett was seen paying homage to an actor and musician and it sounded a lot like she was talking about Will Smith:

‘Tonight we honor someone who has shattered barriers with his ground-breaking performances,’ she said, ‘whether in serious dramas like Enemy Of The State, or in whimsical animated productions like Shark Tale, or as part of an iconic musical duo where he was a fresher talent. This man has long been an inspiration to his people. You can call him actor, producer, musician, comedian.”

But then the screen flicked to a photograph of Jack Black instead. 

The tea was served piping hot. 


Stacey Dash Was Officially Not Accepted By White or Black People 

The most epic and fitting moment of the entire night and the closing of Black History Month, was watching Stacey Dash make a complete ass of herself onstage. When Chris Rock announced her as the new ‘director of minority outreach’ everyone at home thought it was just a line for a laugh, but then Stacey Dash actually walked up on stage and no one knew what to do.

To top it she then said something about being happy to help her people and then wished everyone a Happy Black History Month and giggled as she walked of stage. The best part though was the fact that there was a singular clap in the audience, proving that even White people want nothing to do with the mess that is Stacey Dash.

Public Enemy Closed Out The Showgiphy (95)

If you stuck around to the very end of the show, when they started to roll the credits you would have heard the outro music and realized that it seemed familiar to you.

That’s because the Academy chose to play “Fight The Power” by Public Enemy as the closing song.

Was it really a coincidence that they picked one of the Blackest songs in history to roll the credits to?

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

Ariel is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and creator of Revolutionary In Pink Pumps blog. She is equally obsessed with social justice, lipstick, culture, and red wine.