New York Fashion Week is the chance for buyers, editors, and bloggers to get a taste of what designers have to offer for the coming season, but it’s not just about the fashion. NYFW is an entire event and the main attraction are all of the shows!

There are so many fabulous shows to choose from in just the short space of a week, but we’ve picked 5 shows that we’re really excited to see.

Pyer Mosspyer_moss_designer_kerby_jean_raymond

Last year in it’s debut womenswear show Pyer Moss founder, Kerby Jean-Raymond, rocked the runway with a Black Lives Matter themed showed. After a 15 minutes video on police brutality the models walked the runway wearing clothes graffitied with Black Lives Matter mantras and shoes painted to look like they were splattered with blood. The show was one you just had to be at to experience.

This year Kirby is brining in Erykah Badu to help curate a show that speaks on the Black experience in America. That’s enough to make you want to fight your way to the front row, we can’t wait to see what ms. Badu brings to the table!

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Puma by RihannaScreen Shot 2016-02-09 at 3.15.06 PM

Riri is coming to fashion week with her new Puma collection and we have a feeling it’s going to be lit! Ever since Rihanna took over as Puma’s creative director we have been patiently waiting to see her designs, but so far we’ve only been gifted the creeper-sneaker hybrid that pretty much sold out as soon as it hit the market.

Rihanna promised that her real debut would be come in the form of her New York Fashion Week show and now that it’s February we’ve got some expectations. Maybe all the models will walk the runway with ANTI as the soundtrack!

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Alexander Wangrs_1024x759-150913205132-634.AWang-jmd-091315

Alexander Wang is officially free from commitments to Balenciaga which means the focus for the AW 16 show will be all about the brand. Wang’s shows are legendary for being one hell of a good time. With the best soundtracks and arguably having thrown the best after party of Spring 16 fashion week, Alexander Wang is poised to give a bomb runway show and best believe he’ll deliver!

Yeezy Season 3ac6e3dde0bab5e72169afb745764e357

Kanye West hasn’t had an easy time finding acceptance in the fashion world, but that doesn’t make his shows any less popular. This year he’ll be debuting Yeezy Season 3 at Madison Square Garden alongside his latest album, whose title is still undetermined but currently referred to as T.L.O.P.

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The huge fashion show/concert combination has been generating tons of buzz, especially since Kanye put out a casting call for 1200 paid extras just a few days ago. The pay is less than $100, but who cares, you’re getting paid to see and be a part of Yeezy Season 3!

Marc Jacobs


“One Night Only”  was arguably one of the most extravagent over the top shows of Spring 16′. The Marc Jacobs show at the Ziegfeld Theatre was more than a show, it was an entire event. An event that is going to be damned difficult to top, which is exactly why we can’t wait to see what the AW16′ show is going to bring.

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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