You’re Not Really Cutting Off Your Ex

How many times have your sworn that you and your ex were done? How many times have you deleted his number from your phone, blocked him on Facebook, and unfollowed him on Instagram?

Now how many times have you caught yourself backtracking?

According to a new study, when it comes to leaving an ex it really is easier said than done.

A poll conducted by The Associated Press and WeTv is proving that even though most of us think really strongly about cutting out an ex, we have a really hard time actually clicking delete.

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Through online interviews with 1,241 U.S. adults the study shows that 61% of people don’t think it’s worth it to try to be friends with your ex and cutting off all contact with your ex is the best thing to do.

But still well over 50% of people surveyed had still stayed friends with an ex at some point in their lives. Not only did they stay friends, but they backtracked way out of the friend zone.

At least a third of people surveyed admitted to sleeping with an ex and another third said unresolved feelings for exes stood in the way of new relationships.

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If that’s not enough 41% admitted to getting back together with an ex.

Moving on is hard to do and breakups can be ugly, but sometimes you just have to let it go! Wipe your tears and get you a cocktail sis, life goes on!

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

Ariel is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and creator of Revolutionary In Pink Pumps blog. She is equally obsessed with social justice, lipstick, culture, and red wine.