On Wednesday one of the most epic Twitter battles in recent history popped off between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa, then after a short pause Amber Rose stuck her finger right in it.

It all started because Kanye decided he wanted to change the title of his new album from Swish to Waves, and Wiz Khalifa was not here for Yeezy swag jackin’ another man’s aesthetic. Especially when said man is in jail for a long time and can’t really fight back.

You might be wondering just what wavy music is and why it matters so much that it set off the Kanye, Amber, Wiz triangle all over again. Well we’ve got you covered with the facts on this hip hop staple.

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Wavy Hip Hop for Dummies - Jawbreaker

There is no wave without Max B.

If you’re in North Jersey or New York City, don’t bother asking who Max B is unless you’re prepared to get clowned like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. The Harlem rapper got his start in rap working with Jim Jones and his group ByrdGang, before they split in 2008 over disputes about Max B’s contract and pay.

The wave is laid back. 

Max B decided he needed a persona to go with his rap name (his birth name is Charly Wingate) and so the wave was born.

His laid back style of singing and rapping was the first time an artist broke through and became popular by seamlessly blending the two and so he officially became the curator of the wave, and wavy hip hop began to grow.

Max B put out over 20 mix tapes in the early 2000s before he was sentenced to 75-years in prison  in 2009 for felony murder, armed robbery and other offenses.

Wavy is it’s own culutre. 

If you’ve ever heard someone refer to something as wavy in a positive way, you can thank Max B for that too.

Not only was his music style laid back, Max B’s entire persona was on chill. He was best known for his sense of humor and his belief that “you gotta laugh to keep from crying.”

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The first artist to benefit from the wave hates Max B.

Max B’s career launched from his partnership with Jim Jones, but after their falling out, Max B deemed Jones his sworn enemy. too bad, he’d already helped to build the success of Jones’s career. Max B had his hands in both Jone’s hit song “Ballin” and his best album, Harlem: Diary of a Summer.

Even French Montana caught his deal off pf his former work with Max B.

The wave is everywhere. 

Even though Max B is behind bars, the wave is anything but locked away. He opened the door for some of our favorite and most notable hip hop artists today including Drake, Future, and Fetty Wap.

You wouldn’t have Fetty sing-rapping you trap queen, Drake spilling his feelings then spitting bars, or Future’s unique approach to music if Max B didn’t solidify wavy hip hop first.

Kanye’s always known about the wave.

The wave isn’t new to Kanye. He’s been in the game much too long, not to know about the wave, and he’s definitely tweeted about Max B before. The jury’s still out on whether him naming his new album Waves, is really him disrespecting the legacy of Max B.

Even from behind bars Max B still runs the wave. 

Max B released a new track from jail on Wednesday night called “My Wave (A Message To Kanye West).” The track is a recorded phone call from Max B to his former producer Dame Grease after Grease shared the news of Kanye West’s new album title. The vocals were laid over an instrumental of the classic “Runnin’ (Can’t Keep Running Away)” by The Pharcyde’s.

You can’t keep  Biggavelli down!

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