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Watch Jamie Foxx Put Daughter in Training for Miss Golden Globe!

If you plan on tuning into the Golden Globe Awards which air this Sunday at 8 PM on NBC, you’ll notice a pretty young lady escorting the winners off stage.

That young lady will be Corinne Foxx, daughter of Jamie Foxx, who is this year’s Miss Golden Globe.

Every year, Miss Golden Globe or Mr. Golden Globe are celebrity children, and to prepare his daughter for her fast-approaching moment in the spotlight, the Academy Award-winning father is putting Corinne through training.

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In the funny video for Vanity Fair, Foxx imitates a boxing instructor putting his daughter through drills which have her jumping rope and running up stairs in heels, practicing how to properly smile and wave and how to air kiss.

“You gotta be careful,” Foxx says while teaching Corinne how to air kiss.

“Some of these people have hepatitis. You don’t want that.”

Even after all her practice drills, Corinne is still nervous about possibly falling or dropping a Golden Globe statue.

Like any proud father would, Foxx reassures her she’ll do fine.

“Everybody’s drinking champagne and high on prescription medicine out there. … It won’t be as bad as Steve Harvey,” says Foxx.

Watch the video below and the Golden Globes on Sunday to how Corinne does!

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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