Man Builds Memorial Museum for Late Wife

Bae remembering exactly how you order your Chipotle is sweet but it’s not the kind of love that they build monuments for.

Charles “La La” Evan’s love story is the kind that goes down in history which is exactly why he created a museum to memorialize it.

In the music video for their new song Monument, the band Mutemath turned this heartwarming love story into a short film.

Evan’s wife Louise, known affectionately as, Ms. Lou, passed away in 2011 just before their 60th wedding anniversary and ever since her death he’s worked tirelessly to turn their home into a monument of their love.

His home is now a museum that he calls “LaLa and Louise Land” and it is an endless array of thousands of photos of his late love. He also has old film footage and videos of her, there is not an inch of his home that isn’t shared with Ms. Lou.

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If you thought your man loved you, well he ain’t love you like LaLa loved him some Ms. Lou. He even created an umbrella garden dedicated to Ms. Lou’s memory.

As if this monument to love didn’t pull at your heartstrings enough, Ms. Lou’s last words to LaLa were ‘I Love You’.

Are you sobbing enough yet?

You can watch Mutemath’s full video featuring the museum and then, after you’ve dried your tears, you can spill them all over again watching Lala’s reaction to the video.

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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