Curly, winged or Twiggy long, every girl wants a blinking set of eyelashes to make her eyes go pop! The rise of expert-applied eyelash extensions have officially upstaged clumpy glue and crooked lashes. Less women are wrestling with mascara wands, and are booking appointments for their very own Rihanna and Kim Kardashian look.

Jawbreaker’s founder and editor Geneva S. Thomas sat down with celebrity eyelash guru and owner of Envious Lashes Clementina Richardson to get the real deal on the myths, unknowns, and truths about addictive eyelash extensions.

Geneva: What’s the biggest misconception about eyelash extensions?

Clementina: The biggest misconception about lash extensions is that they damage the natural lash.

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GT: What’s makes your application different then say, your local nail or threading salon?

CR: I’ve been in the industry since 2006, a time when only celebs wore lash extensions. And the everyday women had no idea they existed. I offer clients different styling options based on the shape and of their eyes. Along with styling options I offer over 70 different types of lashes. After a complete consultation it is crucial that the right type of lash extension is chosen for that particular client. Lash extensions is an art an as an artist, I’m able to enhance my clients eyes to compliment their face. With meticulous placement, I use different widths, curvatures and lengths to make downward sloped eyes appear almond shaped, make small eyes appear larger and draw attention away from heavy eyelids.


We apply only what your natural lashes can support. Our attachment is always seamless single strand to single strand, no clumping that will tear out natural lashes. With proper care, you can keep your extensions on for years, always looking beautiful!

GT: What motivated you to become an Esthetician and go into eyelash extensions?

The Truth About Eyelash Extensions - Jawbreaker

CR: I wanted to be able to offer women the instant gratification of an enhanced appearance. Since I was a young girl I’ve always been detail oriented and fascinated with looking glamorous. Eyelashes transform and awaken your features.

GT: Who are some on your celebrity and VIP clients?

The Truth About Eyelash Extensions - Jawbreaker

CR: Mary J Blige, Nichole Beharie, Kate Chapshaw (wife of Steven Spielberg), and others I cannot mention. *winks*

GT: Tell us more about your upcoming product line and why the formula is critical for healthy wear?

CR: My Lash Enhancer is a luxuriating lash conditioner serum. It features safe ingredients for the wearers. Our blend of grapefruit extract, raspberry ketone and Angelica essential oil work together to stimulate growth of lashes while keeping them nourished and strong. Natural lashes grow in thicker and denser which helps to better support eyelash extensions. Women who have naturally weak or fine lashes will notice more volume and plumper lashes, any damage caused to lashes from bad applications will be repaired and using our product guarantees the health of your lashes while wearing our extensions.

GT: Everyone thinks mink eyelashes are the best because they represent luxury and exclusivity. But you actually discourage their use for clients who want to see impact on their lashes?

CR: Natural mink lashes are very similar to our own natural lashes meaning they are fine and whispy. Applying those will only add length to lashes and most women still feel the need to apply mascara to the extensions which we discourage. For impact and noticeable difference, faux mink or silk lashes should be applied. Most women think they are wearing real mink when it fact they are faux mink.

The Truth About Eyelash Extensions - Jawbreaker

GT: What’s the biggest no-no for eyelash extensions?

CR: Mascara! Adding makeup to the extensions will eat them down putting extra stress on the natural lashes.

GT: What do you think is the next big trend on the tipping point for eyelash extensions?

CR: Bottom lashes are the next biggest trend for eyelash extensions. They take your eyes from noticeable to enticing. They compliment your top lashes and offer a natural balance for a complete mascara-free look.

Book an appointment with Clementina at Envious Lashes in New York City at 303 5th Ave Suite 1907 New York, NY 10016.

Photos courtesy of Envious Lashes

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