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Selfie Latte’s Are A Thing

Beyonce’s stylist isn’t the only one out here trying to step up your selfie game. Everyday someone is trying to make selfies better and a company called Steam CC might just have outdone everyone.

You can now look down into your latte and see a picture of yourself staring back you from the delicious foam.

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Steam CC  developed a machine, Ripplesthat can turn any photograph into a foam piece of art to top off your latte.

The machine syncs with an app on your phone (iPhone or Android) and turns any picture you choose into artful latte foam using “patented printing technology.”

Even though the company says any picture can be used, if you read a little deeper you find out that you need a really thick layer of foam, so step your barista game up! Steam CC also says it’s best to pick a picture with a clear background.

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Before you get too excited about how your Instagram likes for these photos are going to take you to new heights, you might want to check the price tag.

The machine costs $999 and the subscription service starts at $85/month.

Right now the machine is available to coffee shops and restaurants so you’ll have to hunt one down in a coffee shop near you to see your face in your foam!

Photo: Ripples

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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