New Sex Toy Will Help Men Last Longer!

We’ve told you before how your man constantly masturbating may not be good for his health or orgasms, but now there is a sex toy which could help him last longer in bed.

The sex toy is called blewit! and it trains men to last longer while masturbating.

Company CEO CT Schenk says the idea behind blewit! is it’s meant to stimulate intercourse by not providing the intense grip on the penis that most men have when they masturbate ( and that women can’t match during sex), so when men are masturbating, it’ll will be closer to what actual sex is like.

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Schenk told The Daily Dot most men last “two, three minutes at most” when they masturbate and many of them don’t know to how to practice “mindful masturbation,” which means masturbating while being able to focus on what’s happening and not on having an orgasm.

New Sex Toy Will Help Men Last Longer! - Jawbreaker

blewit! also features a program called “controlit,” which helps men focus on their arousal.

blewit! is not molded after body parts of women, so Schenk feels men will be comfortable with being open with their partner about using it, since “it has that lack of fantasy.”

There is currently an Indiegogo campaign for blewit! and it has reached more than its fundraising goal and production is almost complete.

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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