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Kanye West Had the Weakest Clap Back at Amber Rose

Kanye West was back on Twitter in the wee hours of Friday morning after he caused the app to implode on Wednesday. This time Kanye wasn’t beefing with anyone, but he did take the time out to defend himself against his ex Amber Rose and the accusations she made about their sex life during their relationship.

In the words of Kanye, he wrote, “Exes can be mad but just know I never let them play with my ass. I don’t do that, I stay away from that area altogether.”

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He continued, saying, “I’m not into that kinda shit…I like pictures and videos. Me and my wife got the kinda love that can turn exes into best friends.”

There’s more Kanye where that came from. His album, WAVES, will be released February 11.

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

Brittney is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and a writer who has goals to disrupt culture in ways unseen.