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America’s Next Top Model Might Be Getting A Second Life

You might want to dry your tears and start practicing your smize again because after being cancelled at the end of it’s 22nd cycle, “America’s Next Top Model” might just be coming back!

Daily News is reporting strong rumors of VH1 making plans to to pick up the long-running modeling competition.

Nothing’s been confirmed yet and there’s no word from Tyra Banks about any of it, so we don’t know just yet if the reincarnation will be anything like the original.

There’s a lot of speculation about why the show is making a comeback when it barely left, but the top reasons seem to be either VH1 can now afford to do the show if they’re not paying Tyra the big bucks, or Tyra is now available to host again since she’s saying goodbye to her talk show “FAB Life.”

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An inside source told Daily News, “The CW canceled (“ANTM”) even though it was their most downloaded show, but the speculation was that it’s because Tyra’s salary is so high. It’s an expensive show to make because she gets a s—load of money.”

Sources are also claiming that the executive producer Ken Mok was responsible for negotiating the VH1 deal, which means he’s joining the second life too.

Undisclosed insiders aren’t exactly the most reliable sources, but we’re clinging on to the little bit of hope that we’ll get to have another season of runway walks and epic makeover breakdowns.

If nothing else, we need Miss J. Alexander to remind us how to slay in heels no matter where we are!

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Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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