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5 Exciting Things to While the 2016 Snowstorm Has You Trapped Inside

By now, you better know about the approaching snowstorm Jonas, which will be bringing at least one foot of snow to the northeast and slated to impact over 80 million people.

Of course the shelves are bare at the local grocery stores, because people somehow equate snowstorm with apocalypse!

But anyway.

Here’s a list of super fun things that will pass the time faster than you can say: snow angels! 

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Onesie jam

5 Things to Do During the 2016 Snowstorm! - Jawbreaker

It’s time to put that onesie you got for Christmas to good use and (if they can make it) have some of your best girlfriends over to dance around to your favorite songs. We recommend anything by Rihanna!

Netflix & Chill

5 Things to Do During the 2016 Snowstorm! - Jawbreaker

The tried and true Netflix and chill is most likely going to be in full effect this weekend with couples snuggled up on the couch or in bed catching up on Making a Murderer or watching movies. Just make sure you’re snowed in with somebody you like and care to give the cookies to. Op!

Obsessive pampering


What woman doesn’t love to be pampered? Now is the time to put all those beauty products you’ve bought but have yet to try in action! Try out that new foundation and concealer. Practice your makeup skills for an upcoming date or event. Give yourself an ultra luxe bath with candles and enough sea salts to fill the Indian Ocean!

Try new recipes

5 Things to Do During the 2016 Snowstorm! - Jawbreaker

Most of us who are on Pinterest have a board with recipes we want to try. Because life gets in the way, that’s not always possible. However, if you stocked up on groceries like you should, now would be the perfect time to make that dessert or seafood dish that looks so good in photos.

Catch up on sleep


Sleep. We all need it, but we don’t all get enough as we should. To prepare for the upcoming work week ahead, now would be a good time to catch on some ZZZ’s or at least lounge around the house fabulously naked like Naomi!

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Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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