Woman Finds Hidden Camera in Airbnb Rental, Sues Company!

Airbnb has disrupted the way we travel by giving many the option to stay at someone’s private home instead of a hotel. Although the company is lauded by many, there are still issues Airbnb hosts need to work out.

The Recorder reports a woman from Germany Edith Schumacher, was recently staying at an Airbnb in San Francisco, when on the third day of her stay, she noticed a small light coming from the living room shelf. The light was really a remote-controlled hidden camera, that may have captured Schumacher naked, as she likes to sleep in the nude.

During the first few days of her stay, Schumacher made several trips  from the bedroom to the bathroom without clothes on. Schumacher’s lawyers say she was “deeply humiliated and angry” after discovering the camera and is scared the rental’s residents would post naked pictures of her online or listen to the private conversations between she and her boyfriend.

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A lawsuit has been filed against Airbnb in San Francisco for negligence and the residents who listed the property are being sued for violation of privacy and intentionally inflicting emotional distress.

Airbnb’s hosting guidelines state, “the use of surveillance equipment may violate the law in your jurisdiction” should you choose to install some in the space you are renting.

It basically depends on where your property is located and the laws there. Airbnb does warn its hosts to make their guests aware if they have surveillance devices.

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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