It’s finally the holiday season!

Caramel vodka and spiked hot cocoa is filling the air. Christmas trees are going up, and it’s going down between you and your boo. At least you hope so!

The holidays are the perfect time to kick your sex life into overdrive or maybe just move it out of park from all the stress of the year.

When everyone is lit on egg nog and good cheer, here’s your chance to transfer all those warm vibes in between your sheets and we’ve got some tips to help you do it!

Give the gift of something new. Tips For A Very Sexy Holiday - Jawbreaker

Let’s be real, sometimes when we hit a rhythm in our sex lives, we tend just stick with it without an expiration date. While you and bae might get it in at the end of the day, sex should definitely be more than crossing a finish line.

So make the holidays may the time to gift you and your man with sexual optimism! He’ll be far from upset if you tell him you want to try something new, and what we’re suggesting is nothing basically basic like gifting him anal on his birthday.

Try something new with the mindset you’d be willing to regularly bring it into your sex life. Who knows, some extra eggnog might make you bold enough to realize you’re actually really into something you never thought about before.

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Get into the holiday theme. Tips For A Very Sexy Holiday - Jawbreaker

Forget that bad polyester Mrs. Claus costume! That’s not the road to Christmas up your sex life. Think on the holidays less lierally.

Try throwing some Christmas lights on your headboard for a warm and cozy holiday romp in the sheets.

Have your own ugly sweater contest with your man. Whoever has the ugliest Christmas sweater gets to control the reins in bed.

Try to bring some holiday cheer to blowjobs with this Christmas themed lube. One tastes like candy cane, the other one gingerbread. Your man won’t give a damn as long as your tasting more of him!

Out of the box is the stocking stuffer you seek!

Screw more and often. Tips For A Very Sexy Holiday

You might find holiday cheer brings out something more than an affinity for hot cocoa. Your sex drive might be tapping on the gas pedal, and we at Jawbreaker say floor it!

If you and your boo live alone, post up mistletoe all over the house. Instead of kissing when you get caught underneath together, try a new sexual favor.

If you have time, have a full on session! There’s something distinctly kinky about an impromptu romp under the mistletoe in the glow of the Christmas tree.

If you’re not down for a whole session consider some quick but satisfying oral, a topless make out session, or maybe seeing what his fingers do!

Merry, merry, ladies!

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Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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