This Tragic Story Reminds Us to Think Twice Before We Meet Men Online!

25-year-old Sharaer Bradford met 20-year-old Stassie Greer on Facebook and invited him over to her place. What seems like a night of Netflix and chill took a turn for the worst.

Just two days after Thanksgiving, when families were enjoying leftovers and shopping sales,  Bradford was found bleeding to death in her own bed.

The single mother was discovered by a relative late Saturday evening in her Ferguson, Missouri apartment, when her relatives could not reach her by phone.

Although she was still alive when her relative found her, Bradford died before paramedics arrived and was pronounced dead at the scene.

On Tuesday, Greer was arrested and charged with first degree murder and robbery.

Sharaer Bradford, did what many of us do, she met someone online and invited that person into her life. Unlike the usual online dating tale Bradford ended up dead, reminding us we still need to be wary of who we invite into our homes.

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This is a cautionary tale that goes way past being catfished and sometimes it’s easy to feel like you know someone just because you talk to them and see their picture.

Remember anyone with access to a computer can become anyone they want to be, and if you’re not careful you’ll miss the signs.

When you’re ready to take your dating offline and into the real world, take it into a very pubic space and let all of your close friends know. It might seem like you should keep your business to yourself, but if you’re the only one who knows about your potential new beau, no one can help if something goes wrong.

An online date gone wrong left Braford’s six-year-old daughter without a mother and a family with one less member.



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