These Black Women are Donald Trump’s Biggest Supporters

At a campaign rally in early December, Donald Trump called on two of his most vocal social media fans, sisters Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway, and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson. 

The YouTube sensations from North Carolina who call themselves “Stump for Trump” did not disappoint.

Diamond and her hype-girl Silk addressed the mostly White crowd. They explained the silent majority spoke and Trump will be the next president. 

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The sisters gained popularity after they endorsed Trump on CNN back in August of this year.   They also host a web series on YouTube weekly called “The Viewer’s View” with the tag line “We Be Your Sisters 2.”

Comments across social media range from shock, disappointment, laughs to allegations the sisters were paid by Trump’s campaign. 

After watching few of their videos we learned a few things we think you should know about Diamond and Silk.

 1.    They are actually Democrats.

Both Diamond and Silk are confirmed Democrats, but believe that Donald Trump best represents them and can get the job done.

2. The sisters regularly post songs about Donald Trump on their website.

If you’re looking for tunes all about the candidate you can find a collection of music on their site.       

3. They believe they are liberated from what they call the “Democrat plantation.”

These Sisters Are Trumps Biggest Fans- Jawbreaker

If anyone (Black Twitter) speaks negatively about them, they will list you on their wall of shame.

4. Diamond and Silk have Twitter beef with Montel Williams.

The former talk show host has accused the two of being bought and paid for by Trump.

 5.  They love public shaming!    

While the duo regularly lists those who speak negatively of them, they regularly bash those who oppose Trump.

Johnette Reed

Johnette Reed