Thursday night, nearly 12 million viewers finally got to watch NBC’s production of “The Wiz Live!” and it did not disappoint! 

There were so many moments of Black excellence and life lessons, and nearly 2 million tweets went out about it all!

A key point was how the live action production was able to incorporate contemporary Black culture of 2015 and still remain true to the original’s essence. 
Every star shined and made each moment and song their own. 

Who didn’t love the new song, “We Got It,” written by Ne-Yo and Elijah Kelly

Speaking of Kelly, he had big shoes to fill as the Scarecrow, which was played in the movie by Michael Jackson, but he nailed it!

Here’s the great moments from “The Wiz Live!” by the numbers, well our own!

“The Wiz Live!” Costumes Are Giving Us Life!

  1. Emerald City was the most lit party on this side of the rainbow.

It’s safe to say the Emerald City scene was LIT. There was coordinated dancing and voguing and not mention the outfits, which were on point. 

Of course, this spawned the Twitter hashtag, #EmeraldCityParty, and Black Twitter began tweeting out photos of celebrities wearing the color emerald. Next Halloween, you might see a theme of Emerald City costumes.

2. Ne-Yo’s dab!

There’s no question Ne-Yo was the first Tin Man who dabbed. In his opening scene when he needs oil to loosen him up, he goes into a solo dance routine which incorporates the latest dance craze of dabbing.

3. Mary J. Blige as Evilene, the Wicked Witch!

Mary J. Blige came through in her role as Evilene. There was also some 2015 slang used with her character as well such as, “throwing shade.” 

Twitter couldn’t help but talk about the boots Blige wore, which is what she’s known for performing in. But she brought life to her character.

4. Uzo’s Breakthrough Moment as Glinda, the Good Witch!

Maybe now people won’t only associate Uzo Aduba as her “Orange is the New Black” character, Crazy Eyes, but as a trained theater actress. 

Aduba got her start acting in plays and those chops paid off as she played Glinda the Good Witch, a role previously held by the legendary Lena Horne.

5. A Star is born – Shanice Williams!

Newcomer, Shanice Williams, was the clear star of “The Wiz Live!” Watching her perform was like watching a star being born as she hit every note seamlessly and embodied the role of Dorothy. 

We’ll be keeping our eye on this young lady who surely has a bright career ahead of her.

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

Brittney is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and a writer who has goals to disrupt culture in ways unseen.