Wednesday night was the long anticipated fall season two finale of Fox’s “Empire” and in true Lee Daniels form, the episode was so juicy we needed castor oil to revive our edges!  From music award nomination snubs, to murder plots, the fall finale of “Empire” had us saying nope at every turn!

Here’s our list of the biggest OMG moments!

Sky and Jamal hooked up!Empire Season Two Finale -Jawbreaker

We knew the two shared a kiss at the end of last episode, which was already too much too handle, but then we find out it went even further! Sky’s trying to be bae, Lucious thinks Sky “fixed” his son, and Jamal’s got to find himself all over again!

Hakeem caught a mean ASA snub!Empire Season Two Finale -Jawbreaker

Listen Hakeem looked like a five-year-old who lost his pacifier when they announced Freda Gatz for a nomination but not him. Poor Hakeem, won the battle but lost the war.

Charlemagne guest starred as himself and started poppin’ off!

Empire Season Two Finale -Jawbreaker

We’re pretty sure there were no lines written in the script for Charlamagne since he was basically his normal trouble making self. After Jamal and Sky blew us all away with their duet that hinted at Black Lives Matter, Charlamagne popped up asking Sky why she was choosing to be Black now! Listen Charlemagne, don’t make us go into your new found khaki colored complexion okay?

Boo Boo Kitty Started Plotting on Rhonda!Empire Season Two Finale -Jawbreaker

Ever since Ankia found out she was pregnant (and lost some marbles) she’s been going to Rhonda for support. For a while that was her buddy, but jealousy over Rhonda carrying the rightful Empire heir got too real for Anika and she needed to stop it all.  So much for that friendship!

Porsha’s Preference for Hot Dogs! Empire Season Two Finale -Jawbreaker

When Cookie decided to put on a show for her former inmates at the prison, she showed up with Porsha in tow and her girls thought that was wifey! Well. Porsha was having none of it, and quickly let everyone know just how down for men she was. “I only do hot dogs, sausages and polishes!” Porsha, girl!

Camille’s Back! Empire Season Two Finale -Jawbreaker

When we watched the promo’s we knew Hakeem’s cougar lover was back in the fold, but we had no idea it would be this real. When Lucious threw a party to announce Swiftstream Mimi made a heart warming speech about the support she’s had in her breast cancer battle from her loving wife, Camille. The screams from living rooms across America, when Camille parted the crowd like the red sea!

Lucious is Out! Empire Season Two Finale -Jawbreaker

Not only is Camille back, but she’s in complete control. It was her plan from the start to get Hakeem to the top where he rightfully belonged, so she married Mimi, had her get in on Empire and then had Mimi hand over the reigns to her. Camille wanted it all so they got the board to vote Lucious out, and despite his team’s best efforts (including some less than impressive living from his grimy lawyer) it was Hakeem who took his mother’s vote and snatched the throne from under Lucious’s ass.

Rhonda… Rhonda No! Empire Season Two Finale -Jawbreaker

For once in her life it looks like Rhonda wasn’t lying about something, her pregnancy looked really real, especially when in the middle of the night Boo Boo Kitty broke into her home and shoved her down a flight of stairs that rivaled the statue of liberty! When Rhonda’s body hit the floor, there weren’t enough pearls in the ocean for us to clutch. We thought Anika stalking Laura was bad, but damn girl! Now our last moment until March is watching poor Rhonda bleed out on the cold floor!

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Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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