After an amazing night of mind blowing, out-of-this world sex, you can’t help but want to share all the juicy details with your best girlfriends. The same goes for cheating, and arguments, you’ll likely want to talk it over with your girls to get opinions or simply vent.

But how much is too much?

At what point do you stop sharing the details of your relationship and put a lid on it? What information should friends know? What information is off limits when it comes to sex?

It’s a hard line to draw sometimes since we love our sister friends and our bonds run deep. However, if you want a healthy relationship there are some things that should stay between you and bae.

Sex is an amazing high, we understand, but exactly how your man strokes it, what he does to make the hairs on your back stand up, is probably not need-to-know information at Sunday brunch.

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When intimacy is shared, letting friends into your “intimate” space is often not the best idea. It’s important to share information that shines a good light on your relationship and partner. Not to say sex-and-telling sheds bad light on your partner, but do your friends need to imagine bae in the buff?

Naturally, as women we want to talk, talking is who we are and what we do.  Don’t get us wrong there is nothing wrong with having a good chitchat with your girls. Lord knows everyone needs a good tea spill from time to time.

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Remember a good rule of thumb when sharing sex details is to ask yourself, would I want bae to share this information with his boys? If you don’t want Tyrone to know then you shouldn’t be sharing with your girls either.

If you’re the friend always sharing sexcapades then it may be time to stop over-sharing.

Johnette Reed

Johnette Reed