Rachel Dolezal Reveals She Thought of Suicide Before Her Story Went Public

Rachel Dolezal is still doing interviews and in her most recent one with Vice, the former NAACP chapter president reveals she thought about committing suicide after she was publicly outed this past summer as being born White.

But that’s not all Dolezal spoke on. Currently pregnant with a son she plans to name after poet Langston Hughes, shared interesting truths about her childhood and parents.

According to her, she grew up in a “cultish” religious community to extremely Christian parents. Dolezal and her brother were born in a teepee in Montana and on her original birth certificate, “Jesus Christ” is listed as the doctor.

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Dolezal says her family hunted for food, banned magazines and she was forced to cover all skin aside from her hands and face.

“If this doesn’t look cultish, I don’t know what does,” she said. “[It] looks like a horror movie.”

About her brothers whom she told people were her sons? Well, all three of them who are African American, were initially adopted by her parents. Dolezal claims it was all so they could get the tax benefits. Because Dolezal’s mother suffered from chronic fatigue, it became difficult for her parents to care for the boys. Dolezals’s younger brother, Izaiah, sued their parents for emancipation, and he now lives as Dolezal’s son.

Racial identity is something Dolezal has struggled with while she attend a historically black university, Howard University. A woman by the name of Kelly, whom Dolezal lived with in college said Dolezal believed in her heart she should have been born black.

“Her struggle was tear-jerkingly real,” said Kelly. “We cried together many times.”

Dolezal received her master’s degree at Howard and her Black boyfriend at the time whom she married and divorced and is the father of her son, Franklin, asked her to bleach her hair to appear Caucasian.

The fallout from Dolezal’s story becoming public was she not only lost her position as President of the NAACP Spokane, Wash. chapter, but she was fired from teaching at Eastern Washington University. With no income, she’s broke. Also, a third of her friends have stopped speaking to her.

This has taken its toll on Dolezal to the point where she’s even contemplated suicide.

“I’ve struggled with depression to the point where I wonder if it’s even in my kids’ best interest for me to stay around,” she said. “I feel like I’m a liability to my own children.”

Dolezal’s problems seem to stem from her childhood and appear to be bigger than her just wanting to pass for Black.

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

Brittney is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and a writer who has goals to disrupt culture in ways unseen.