When will it end? No, really, when will it end?

When will Donald Trump give up this reality show of a presidential campaign. Because it only becomes more of a shit-show by the day. What makes this nightmare even worse is he is the leading Republican presidential candidate as far as polls go.

Trump’s campaign is still in full swing, but not without controversy, which his campaign is literally built on. Yesterday, his comments about Muslims had everyone floored, even other Republicans.

But this isn’t the first time Trump’s campaign comments caused much backlash. Here’s a run-down of every racist, sexist, and just plain dumb comment that’s ever spewed from his overly tanned lips.

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  1. Trump proposes banning all Muslims from entering the United States, and suggested mosques be shut down and Muslims be tracked. 

Besides Trump’s proposal resembling something from the 1950s and 1960s, what many don’t know is the money from wealthy Muslims contributed to his fortune in several ways.

Since 2008, Qatar Airways operated a “corporate campus” in the Trump Tower on 5th Avenue where leases go from $19, 000 to $100, 000 a month. Members of the Saudi royal family also live in a Trump Tower apartment.

Trump’s wealth is amassed at $2.9 billion, but a large portion comes from putting his name on other people’s things. Some of those “things” include real estate projects in the Middle East such as the Trump International Golf Club, named “Akoya,” by a Dubai real estate development club.

2. Trump says he would “round up” 400,000 immigrants per month for 24 straight months and drop them off at a random location in Mexico. 

Even though this is one of Trump’s stupidest proposals, it has caused fear among immigrant families who came to America for a better life. How are you going to be President of the United States, which is a melting pot of cultures, if you don’ t realize immigrants are who make our country great? Have we forgotten Trump’s wife Melania, is an immigrant? Does Trump take into account how these views affect his wife and her family? But it seems European immigrants are an exception.

3. Trump on his meeting with Black pastors: “I saw love in that room. I see love everywhere I go. This meeting was amazing. Amazing people. The meeting went so much longer, and it went longer only because of the love. It didn’t go longer for other reasons.”

Regardless of how much “love” there was in the room, these pastors have to go back home to face their congregation. Now, that is when we need a camera crew to see how these church leaders explain their supporting Trump to churchgoers who are not in the one percent. The big question here is who advised these pastors and have any members of their congregation left? Did Trump donate any money to these churches at least?

4. Trump commented on FOX News anchor and Republican debate moderator, saying, “she has blood coming out of her wherever.” 

Back in August, during a Republican debate moderated by FOX News anchor, Megyn Kelly, Trump described Kelly getting frustrated as, “she has blood coming out of her wherever.” Many took offense because it implies Kelly was on her period which is why she became upset. Trump insists he was just talking about anger. Sure.

5. Trump to a Black Lives Matter protester who interrupted his campaign rally: “Get him the hell out of here. Throw him out.”

Trump has never been here for the Black Lives Matter movement, and he’s sadly shown no interest in listening what the leaders have to say. Since he won’t listen to them, some made the decision to make their presence known by protesting at his campaign rallies. Trump didn’t neatly attempt to stop the protest, he escalated things by encouraging his supporters to become violent.

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

Brittney is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and a writer who has goals to disrupt culture in ways unseen.