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Everything You Missed on the Greatest Finale in “Being Mary Jane” History!

This season of “Being Mary Jane” was definitely the best the series has seen yet! It highlighted timely social issues and somehow made it a part of Mary Jane’s world either in her personal life or career.

The finale of season three brought the action-packed scenes and so much more! There were surprise visits, work complaints, arrests and breakups. Check out all the  big moments from this season’s finale!

The Must-See Moments from “Being Mary Jane” Season 3 Episode 9!

Mary Jane gets a surprise visit from David’s mother.

Out of nowhere, David’s mother, Simone, shows up at Mary Jane’s house unannounced. Simone claims David still misses Mary Jane and she wants to see them back together. She also reveals she’s a new grandmother, as David’s girlfriend had a a baby girl. Mary Jane asks Simone if she were her if she would forgive David? Simone is silent. Mary Jane ends the conversation telling Simone the best thing for David is to not be like her, holding onto the past.

Mary Jane wants to include Cece in her memoir.

Mary Jane actually comes through on her deal with Cece to make an appearance at her bookstore. While there, Mary Jane tells Cece a publishing company reached out to her about writing her memoirs and she would like to include how she and Cece became friends through the accident and extortion. Cece is down for the cause.

Marisol wants to file a complaint against Kara. 

The Biggest Moments from the "Being Mary Jane" Season 3 Finale! -Jawbreaker
Remember a couple weeks back when Kara and Marisol had that argument and Kara basically said Marisol was sleeping her way to the top? Well, those words came back to haunt Kara big time! Kara is called into Greg’s office, one of the SNC bosses, where he asks her if she accused Marisol of having an affair with him? Her response? She didn’t say that directly, but yeah. Greg then informs Kara that Marisol is planning to go to human resources to file a complaint against her for intimidation and defamation of character and Kara needs to make it go away.

Mary Jane and Kara believe today’s generation plays by different rules.

The Biggest Moments from the "Being Mary Jane" Season 3 Finale! -Jawbreaker
While having wine, Mary Jane and Kara discuss how this generation doesn’t play by a code. Kara says Marisol flexed her sexuality and she thought if she did the same, maybe she could have gotten ahead sooner. Kara goes on to say she dealt with a lot of crap coming up in her career and she wouldn’t be where she is if she complained every time. Mary Jane says the young people today have no filter and say whatever’s on their mind, like Nina, the college student she hired. Low key, Mary Jane wishes she could be like Nina!

Mary Jane breaks it off with the White guy.

The Biggest Moments from the "Being Mary Jane" Season 3 Finale! -Jawbreaker

There’s a first time for everything, and this was Mary Jane’s first time dating a White guy. He asks her why they never do anything outside of her apartment. After an uncomfortable karaoke rendition of the Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight,” it’s clear Mary Jane is not too comfortable with her White beau when they’re surrounded by Black people, mostly Black couples.

Mary Jane tells him, “I want Black love.” He says, “I can’t give you that.” And that’s how it ended.

Marisol plays Kara like a drum.

The Biggest Moments from the "Being Mary Jane" Season 3 Finale! -Jawbreaker
Trying to make nice with Marisol, Kara compliments her shoes to no avail. Marisol is still offended and pissed off, so Kara asks her what she wants her to do. Marisol wants the anchor seat on the new Kara is producing.

Cut to Marisol reporting the news from the anchor’s chair of her own show. Kara is in her office when Greg and a representative from human resources inform her Marisol is filing a sexual and racial harassment complaint against her. Because of this, Kara can’t have any contact with Marisol even though she is producing her show. HR informs her they will work that out.

Mary Jane sets up Cece in the best way possible.

The Biggest Moments from the "Being Mary Jane" Season 3 Finale! -Jawbreaker
So about that book deal between Mary Jane and Cece? It gets better!

In the meeting with the publishers, Cece tells her story. All of it. She talks about the extortion, Mary Jane not being included in SNC’s non-disclosure, her meeting with SNC and using Mary Jane’s money to fund her bookstore. She basically sold her story and did well.

Just when she thought she closed the deal, Cece is placed under arrest! Turns out those “book publishers” were undercover cops and  were just given Cece’s life story. Cece calls Mary Jane a bitch and says, “I’m probably the only friend you have! You killed the other one!”

In the words of Mary Jane, “You took it too far! I am so tired of people taking it too far with me!”

Niecey is arrested.

The Biggest Moments from the "Being Mary Jane" Season 3 Finale! -Jawbreaker
PJ buys Niecey the car she wanted and while driving, she gets stopped by the cops. Her kids are in the car, and she’s clearly annoyed. She asks the officer why he pulled her over. He asks for her license and registration. She still wants to know why she was pulled over.  The cop says her music was too loud. He then asks Niecey to step out of the vehicle. She refuses, so he removes her. Now out of the vehicle, the cop uses the taser on Niecey. This all happens in front of her children.

Looking for stories to cover on “Talk Back,” producers are watching videos of police brutality victims. Turns out, there’s video of Niecey’s traffic stop showing her on the ground getting tasered. Mary Jane sees the video and the news just got real.

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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