Serena Williams is a easily one of the most influential and incredibly talented sports figures the world has ever seen. So why is it that the media never wants to let Serena live? Why can’t they let her be great?

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It seems like every time Serena shines the media is trying to find a way to pull her down. We can call it racist, sexist, colorism, but what’s a fact of all facts is it’s hate. All day. Everyday.

Here’s every time the mainstream media hated on Serena Williams!

That Time the LA Times asked people to choose between Serena and a horse.

Serena slayed the cover of Sports Illustrated when she was named “sportsperson of the year”. But of course no one could let her live. People took to Twitter outraged Serena was chosen over a champion racehorse who goes by the name of American Pharaoh.

The LA Times then sent out a tweet asking it’s readers if they would rather have Williams or a race horse chosen as sportsperson of the year.

Because of course a sportsperson can be a horse.

That time Forbes felt Maria Sharpova was more relevant. 

Even though Serena is a six time grand slam champion, has won over 7 Espys, and is just generally killing the game on all levels, she’s apparently still not a great marketing subject, at least according to Forbes.

During the quarter finals match at the U.S. Open between sisters Venus and Serena Williams, Forbes thought it was a good idea to tweet out their two-week old Maria Sharapova story, “Maria Sharapova: The Business Behind the World’s Most Marketable Athlete.”

So to be clear, while the most epic battle of female tennis was going down between two sisters, and America glued their eyes to their screens, Forbes decided to deflect it all by telling us Sharpova is more important.

Oh okay.

That time the New York Times tried to call her a man. 

In a New York Times article written earlier this year covering the top ten women in tennis, there was some subtle body-shaming thrown in the mix. Serena talked about being proud of her body type despite battling with the excessive attention and negative connotations.

“I’m really happy with my body type. I’m really proud of it. Obviously it works out for me. I talked about it all the time how uncomfortable for someone like me to be in my body.”

Tomasz Wiktorowski, the coach of  tennis player Agnieska Radwanska, who stands five feet eight and 123 pounds, said, “It is our decision to keep her as the smallest player in the top 10. Because, first of all, she’s a woman, and she wants to be a woman.”

Bravo to the Times for instantiating a wave a criticism against Serena, with people taking to social media to insinuate she was built like a man.

Our question is, when did a man ever look this good?

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That time Daily Mail said she grunted like a man. 

In a July article published on Daily Mail, the news outlet compared Williams to Maria Sharpova, point for point. Aside from the fact they felt they needed to parallel the two so directly, they specifically compared the noises they make when they serve the ball.

While Sharpova is deemed as the master of the grunt, Williams was labeled as having a macho grunt.

“Serena Williams’ grunt is a more macho ‘hur-wuff’ although she has been known to top it up with a shout of ‘Come on’ — or something far ruder. It has been recorded at 88.9 decibels, which is the equivalent to hearing a pneumatic drill from across a road.”



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