If you follow Game on Instagram these days, you know the rapper is becoming one of the most provocative people online period. With eggplant-filled cobalt blue boxers and XXX-rated hashtags, it all leaves little to nothing to our collective imagination, and, listen, we’re not mad!

B.O.B might have invented the #EggPlantFriday, but Game took it to the next echelon.

Speaking to The Cut about his penchant for thirst traps, the Compton native is clearly confident in his new found sex symbol status/

So why has Game all of sudden decided to post these photos on Instagram? According to him, “Instagram is Instagram.”

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“When you’re an artist, sometimes it’s promotion, sometimes it’s just yourself. Sometimes when you get out of the gym and you’re feeling yourself. And you just want to give the ladies a little sneak peek of the progress.”

We all know selfies come down to angles, but Game says he’s blessed from every angle.

Let’s just assume, I thought today was Friday or #ThrowDatAZZbackThursday #WhoCaresWhatDayItis I say it’s #FineNiggaFriday because I know you gone be double tappin this mothafucka til tomorrow anyway……#SoGoneTagYaGirlfriends #ScreenShotIt #LickIt #PullThemPantiesToTheSideAndGetReadyForThe #HalloweenEdition #CuzHalfYallScaredOfTheDickAnyway 👻👻 #WhereverYouAtInTheWorldDatPussyBoutToBeWetYouHearMe #iSaidDoYouFuckinHearMe #OkThen #TakeYourIndexAndMiddleFingerAndMakeAGun #ThenPutTheGunInsideYouAndPullTheTrigger #EaseItOutAndPutSomeOfThatStickyIckyOnThatPearlTongue #TiltYaHeadBackAtAn80DegreeAngleAndSpreadYourLegsFarAsTheyGo #ThenLickYaFingersRealSlowAndGrazeThatPearlForMe #BackAndForthRealGently #CloseYaEyes #AndImagineMeSlidingInThatThangRealSlow #AndAsSoonAsYouGetReadyToBustYour1stNut #iPullOutAndGoDownTownAndCatchItWithMyTongue #ThenISlideBackUpAn…… Oh shit the Patriots game on, gotta go ladies !!!! Oh’ & my boxers 🔴🔵 #ThatsHowIDocumentary2 😂😂😂😂 #MEATPRINTPAPI #DropsMic

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Looking at his Instagram comments, fans agree!

“I feel like I got the most comments on a picture ever on Instagram history. I had like 250,000 comments. I don’t think anybody — Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Rihanna — ever had that many comments. I had a bunch of likes, too. It was cool.”

One glance at Game’s photos, you can’t help but notice his timely use for brilliantly erotic, out of this world, did he really type “#PullThemPantiesToTheSide” captions and hashtags! He finally explains what inspires it all.

“I think just sex as a whole,” said the rapper.

“Being an adult, and loving to have sex. And I got a creative mind, obviously — I get paid to write. Also women. There are a lot of women out there. Some are not having sex as much as they’d like to. So for those women who are practicing abstinence or in between relationships or are alone, I like to give them a little something to warm their evening.”

Game is always flexing in his briefs, so it makes sense he capitalizes with his own line of men’s undies, which is what he’s doing with brand Ethika.

He says of the new line, ” It might be a bit of compression [shorts]. It might be a little bit of me, a little bit of god. A little bit of meat. You mix that and you got a deadly concoction.”

Oh Game, how we love thee!

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

Brittney is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and a writer who has goals to disrupt culture in ways unseen.