Catholic Doctor Refused to Give Woman Birth Control!

Religion is working on policing your uterus once again.

Leslie Gauthier posted a picture of a letter sent to her by her OB-GYN telling her the doctor will no longer prescribe her birth control because she is a “Catholic physician.”

Now there are a lot of different medical practices one can study and get a degree in, but we can’t recall “Catholic physician” being anywhere on that list.

The letter states:

“I am sending this letter to notify you that as a Catholic physician, I can no longer prescribe any form of contraception (birth control) since continuing to do so, puts me in the position of cooperating and promoting it.I realize that patients also use birth control pills for other non-contraceptive conditions such as acne and painful periods. I will work to use alternative medications instead of prescribing birth control pills to treat such conditions. So I will not be prescribing birth control pills for non-contraceptive reasons either.”


In her post Gauthier writes, “This is basically my doctor refusing to do her job because of her religion. I am shaking I am so upset. This is a doctor and person I trusted for years and she has failed me. There’s an easy solution, I’ll find someone in that office willing to put aside their beliefs to do their job. But I feel so hurt by this wrong being done based on her personal beliefs.”

We feel Gauthier’s pain. The region below our waist and above our thighs is sensitive and important to us, and finding a doctor who you’re comfortable with and who knows your body is a hard task. No one wants to feel like they’re OB-GYN has let them down!

The clinic is based in Jackson, Michigan and apparently has no Catholic affiliations, but in the U.S. doctors are legally allowed to refuse to perform any service that conflicts with their moral beliefs.

Not only is this OB-GYN refusing to prescribe birth control for sexual purposes, she’s also refusing to prescribe it for other reasons associated with hormones and reproductive health.

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Gauthier apparently has been seeing the doctor on and off for five years and in a phone interview with Cosmo said,  “I’ve been taking birth control for non-contraceptive reasons in some form or another since I was 13 years old. So she knows it’s not fully for contraceptive reasons.”

Even though Gauthier managed to reschedule her appointment with a different nurse practitioner at the same facility, she still feels slighted and judged.

“I don’t have five different partners a year — and even if I did, that is not her business,” she said. “She’s basically denying me a basic health care right to women … she’s using her personal belief to take something very personal away from me.”

Gauthier is receiving the medical treatment she needs now, but who’s to say this can’t happen to any of us. What’s a girl to do if she finds herself in a medical emergency and a medical professional refuses to help because he or she feels it goes against their moral belief?

If nothing else, this is policing of women’s bodies at it’s best, and what’s worse, it’s one woman doing it to another.

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

Ariel is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and creator of Revolutionary In Pink Pumps blog. She is equally obsessed with social justice, lipstick, culture, and red wine.