White Woman Recorded on Brooklyn Bus Calling Black People “Inferior”

In another case of a racial tirade gone viral, a White woman on a Brooklyn bus was recorded on camera calling Black people inferior.

The video was recorded by 20-year-old Moise Morancy, a Black man, and the woman is shown shouting racial slurs at another Black man, calling him “inferior” and “ugly” as well as “f*** you.”

While Morancy continues to record, the woman holds up her middle finger and tells him she has “better hair than him” and even threatens to “smack the camera from his hand.”

Morancy then speaks to the camera, saying,”So this White woman here, she wants to yell at my sister right here for no reason.

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Then the woman says, “What is she better than me? Don’t talk about a Black woman, you said a Black woman.”

Morancy’s sister and the White woman begin to argue, and the White woman is shouting, “You play the race card. You’re inferior to me. He is inferior because he is Black.”

She asks Morancy if he is going to college and he replies, “Of course I’m going to college. Black people go to college.”

She replies with, “If you were in college sweetheart, you would be more presentable.”

There’s just no helping the ignorant.

The video was posted to Facebook on October 22 and has been viewed 439, 00 times and received 8, 900 likes along with 8, 600 shares.

There’s no word on what sparked this outburst.

 *WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE* “Fuck you, ugly Black man!””He’s inferior because he’s Black.””I have nice hair. At…

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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