What is it that sends perfectly good men side-stepping? A perfectly good mistress, that’s what.

She’s the woman who’s willing to do the things so-called good girls won’t do. Mistresses play the best laid plan for women who don’t mind coming second in exchange for rent, cars, and designer handbags.

But that’s only a short glimpse into the world of mistresses, their offerings and their secrets.

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You may love to hate a mistress but she could teach you a thing or two about your roaming man! Brace yourself for the whole truth on why married men will risk everything for a woman they barely know.


Here’s the mistresses guide to getting and keeping your man.

1. She’s there to please.

While you might be busy running the kids around and trying to balance a household, her sole purpose is to please. Whatever requests your man has she can oblige. Nothing is off limits for her. After all, that’s why she’s around for his pleasure.


2. She’s rockstar at sex.

Sometimes sex with your man becomes routine to say the least. If you’ve been together long enough, it’s hard to pull new tricks out of your hat. Insert mistress here!

A good mistress knows how to keep your man’s toes curling. She knows exactly how to make the hairs on his back stand up. In the bedroom, nothing is off limits even if it means messing her hair up. XXX-rated is how she keeps your man in her bed.

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3. She’s available, but not too available.

She’s the perfect listener and she laughs at all his jokes. She does enough to get him hooked, but always keeps him guessing. This is why the mistress is sought after.

She positions herself strategically as an attainable yet distant fantasy. As unrealistic as that is for you, it comes natural for her. The mistress is around just enough to keep your man wanting more.


4. Love is not a factor.

A good mistress never falls in love with her suitors. Instead, she takes them for what they have to offer whether it is good sex or a new Givenchy bag.

She’s just not attached the way you are and doesn’t care if he cheats. The mistress is there for sex just as much as your man is. Bottom line, love is a non-factor when it comes to getting and keeping your man.


5. She never really expects him to leave his wife.

Ultimately she knows there is s 50/50 chance he will leave you, and she’s cool with that. The mistress knows that sometimes what you’ve invested in your man can’t hold a torch to her bedroom candy. So, it’s okay if he never leaves you because she probably has another waiting out back. A good mistress is realistic with her expectations. She is fine with spending holidays alone and rolling out to the sunset solo.

Ever played the mistress or played by one? Sound off!

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Johnette Reed

Johnette Reed