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Kanye is Still Stuck on Amber Rose and Here’s Proof!

Kanye West is still carrying a little torch for Amber Rose, at least through his music he is.

MuvaRosebud has some advice on being the baddest bitch and no she did not consult with Trina before deeming herself capable of showing others how to do it.

Most famously known for her high-profile relationships, Amber Rose is on a mission to school you! She has things to say.

This may come as a surprise because we literally never heard her speak a word during her relationship with ‘Ye.

Fast forward to now, and Rose considers herself a motivational speaker of sorts. These days she’s even giving college lectures about reframing the idea of female sexuality.

Who would have thought?

Rose found a voice in feminism, as traditional feminist are cringing, in her new found movement to do away with what she deems as “slut shaming”

We are here for this newly empowered Amber!

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It’s an interesting stance from one of the most controversial ex’s in the game. Like it or not it seems she’s got one person who believes in her cause Blac Chyna.

Oddly enough, Rose says in a recent GQ interview she’s found strength from coming out of the shadows of her famous ex’s and her stripper past. Channeling their lyrics and often-hurtful words about her into motivation for who she is becoming.

As she speaks her truth, which includes stripping at the age of 15, she is invigorated embracing it as part of her journey.

Rose makes it clear she and “Ye, or her “ex” as she calls him, haven’t spoken a word in years, but she’s certain he’s speaking to her through his music. Rose claims she still can’t listen to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy because it’s about her.

“I’ll hear songs and I’m like, ‘Oh, he said that about me.’ No one knows what he’s talking about but me and him.”

Oh. Okay Girl.

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Whether ‘Ye is talking about her or not in his music, he’s made it his business to distance himself from his once beloved muse. Mostly famously saying, he had to take “30 showers after Amber Rose in order to get with Kim Kardashian.”

While she’s admits her past is her past, she’s determined to be self-made in this chapter of her life and we are not mad.

That’s why she’s releasing her book, How To Be A Bad Bitch. But it won’t be a tell-all, it’s a playbook of sorts for women who want to empower themselves through their sexuality.

Amber may not be a bell hooks, but her voice matters, too, and we’re here for it!

Photo Credit: GQ

Johnette Reed

Johnette Reed