Not so fast! Is Khloe Kardashian really in it for Lamar Odom? 

As details of Lamar Odom’s cocaine binge that left him unconscious at a Nevada brothel and on life support surfaced last week, there were no greater supporters than the Kardashian family. One by one, the Kardashian clan paused their busy lives to be by Odom’s side.

Everything seems to be legit as the only family Odom has known in his adult life came to his rescue him in one of his darkest moments.

But hold up!

Reports surfaced claiming the Kardashians haven’t stopped filming since they arrived at Odom’s bedside.

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We are well aware reality TV is how the Kardashians collect their checks and remain relevant. They built their empire on televising every single moment of their lives. Should we dare ask they stop their coins to perhaps be human?


In the past week, Khloe easily contends for the best almost ex-wife of the year award. She’s stepped up and held Odom down in a difficult time, which she deserves credit for. Almost ex-wife or not she has risen to the occasion, right?

Some folks aren’t impressed, expressing concern the Kardashians are another obstacle on Odom’s long road to recovery.

LA Times sports writer, Bill Plashcke, points out every reason the Kardashians have never been on Odom’s team.

Plaschke goes off, reiterating the fact even while Odom was riding the highs of his career on the basketball court the Kardashians were on reality TV emasculating and capitalizing off of him.


Khloe is without a doubt the trillest of the Kardashian clan and her riding for her man seems natural.

Unfortunately, rider or not, filming the entire ordeal means the Kardashians will capitalize off Odom’s vulnerability at some point.

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Ironically, while Odom is now recuperating it’s believed one of the reasons for his binge is a televised phone conversation with Khloe that aired the Sunday before he was found unconscious.

Even if filming is underway, there is no guarantee the Kardashians plan to air the footage, but judging from the past, Odom’s storyline will hit TV screens sooner than later.

It makes sense from a ratings perspective and Kris Jenner will spin a bad situation into a profitable business venture quickly.

As for Khloe, she might just be standing by her man. Reports confirm the couple withdrew their impending divorce.

Whatever the motives of the Kardashians, we can’t imagine capitalizing isn’t mixed in somewhere.  That is what you sign up for when you get involved with reality TV royalty: an open disclosure to your entire life.

We hope for Odom’s sake and all he’s been through in the past two weeks Khloe is truly there as a down ass chick.

Johnette Reed

Johnette Reed