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How Oprah Made Another 70 Million!

Oprah Winfery just got even richer off of your fat, literally.

The all knowing powerhouse that is Oprah, purchased 6.4 million shares in Weight Watchers, giving her about 10% stake in the diet and weight loss company. As soon as Oprah’s magic fingers laid hands on the stock, it doubled to $13.92 a share in just under 24 hours, awarding her about $70 million.

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Even though that money could buy Oprah roughly 28 million Weight Watcher’s meals, that’s lunch money for a woman who’s already worth $3.1 billion.

How Oprah Made Another 70 Million! - Jawbreaker

Private company Artal, owns half of the Weight Watchers stocks and gained about 209.9 million, courtesy of Oprah. No matter how they split that up among CEOs and big wigs, Oprah still comes out on top.

Weight Watchers’ stock has been declining for years, so this major gain just show’s Oprah’s power of influence hasn’t wavered at all. She still runs shit!

Maybe since Oprah knows everything about dieting, she’ll help redesign their model, and we might hop on the Oprah weight loss plan!



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