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Can Reality TV Really Create Long Lasting Relationships for Women?

Dating is hard for everyone. The attempt to find a lasting relationship, yet alone a soul mate, can be daunting. But this depressing reality is not stopping five African American millennial women from taking a chance on love! 

 The new reality show “#BlackLove” premieres on FYI this December and will follow five Black millennial women on their quest to find true love. The hour long, 10 episode series “stems from the overwhelming social media use of the hashtag [#BlackLove] during the first season of “Married at First Sight”, as viewers rooted for the marriage of Monet Bell and Vaughn Copeland,” said Gena McCarthy, SVP of Programming and Development for FYI.  

The show’s goal is to help these women understand what’s stopping them from finding love. We’re just hoping they haven’t placed all of their faith in this show. After the disaster that was Married at First Sight, we’re nervous for these five sisters!

The odds of someone finding love on a televised social experiment are looking bleak, especially since one of the five women on “#BlackLove” is Monet Bell! 

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Earlier this year we watched couples on FYI’s Married at First Sight, a social experiment in which complete strangers marry on first meeting, fail miserably.  Among these couples was Monet Bell, who ended her five-week marriage at the end of the first season of the show. Although equipped with life, spirituality, and financial coaches the experiment just did not work out.

That is probably because there is no exact science to finding and keeping love. While there is chemistry that occurs between two people, trying to create it with a formula is inauthentic.

Unlike, dating experiments past we hope “#BlackLove” will seek to shed light on the marriage divide African American women often feel. Unfortunately it seems like it will be more experts telling women what they’re doing wrong.

According to FYI, ‘certified dating coach and author, Damona Hoffman, and psychotherapist and author Jack A. Daniels” will be coaching the women through multiple dating exercises and workshops. “The experts will provide commentary about what each woman is doing right and wrong as they navigate their way through the dating scene.”

These women are said to have it all beauty, brains, and booty! The show also claims to bridge a wide variety of relationships including dating after divorce, interracial relationships, and same sex dating.

Even if our faith in this show is faint, we will be tuning in to see if these five sisters can find love. Wh0 doesn’t love a good romance, even if it’s only 10 episodes long!

Johnette Reed

Johnette Reed