At 57 years old Angela Bassett is the beauty envy women of all ages and races. The “American Horror Story” starlet still stuns in curve-hugging dresses and her face is beat to the gods at all times. But seriously what keeps this stunning woman from aging? We did some digging and found out a few of Ms. Bassett’s beauty secrets!


Light the Blemishes Away! 

Angela Bassett’s  go to skin care professional is Mamie McDonald, located right here in NYC. Mamie’s Skincare has a great menu of specialized facials and skin treatments but for sure uses the Intense Pulse Light Treatment on her. It’s the absolute last minute fix for a big appearance. Mamie uses a laser light to almost instantly eliminate blemishes under and on the surface of the skin. The treatment takes about an hour and a half and can run about $225.00. Bassett also suffers from hyperpigmentation and says that she uses bearberry extract, an all natural skin lightener.

Angela Bassett's Ageless Secrets!

Paleo is the Way to Go!

Ms. Basset has one of the best bodies out there, especially for her age! She contributes her physique to a diet that follows similar principals to Paleo. Low carbs and she avoids processed foods, sugar, and alcohol. Instead she focuses on protein all day every day!

Angela Bassett's Ageless Secrets!

Get Active With Your Girls! 

According to Angela, it’s much easier to keep committed to getting moving if you and your friends do it together and keep each other honest. In addition to that, she has one hell of a workout routine, 2 hours a day, 4 days a week.

To keep her arms toned she focuses on dumbbells and her go to for tight thighs are jump squats!

Keep it Simple!

Bassett says her go to look includes a red lip, foundation, and mascara. She admits to not being so great with eyeshadow and she’s addicted to her Beauty Blender. Not being able to see where the makeup begins and ends is very important to her. She has an affinity for  Kevyn Aucoin foundation and her go-to crimson shade is “Red Lizard” from NARS.

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

Ariel is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and creator of Revolutionary In Pink Pumps blog. She is equally obsessed with social justice, lipstick, culture, and red wine.