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5 Alternatives for Blac Chyna’s “Future” Tattoo

Damn, son!

The swelling hasn’t even gone down on Blac Chyna’s tattoo of Future’s name and the rapper already shut it all down!

According to TMZ, Future sent out a clear message via Twitter: “Single and focusing  on what makes me happy.”

Apparently he and Chyna were never an item if you go by his words of, “U kno I dnt f*** wit no rumors.”

To top it all off, Chyna’s ex, Tyga already said he wasn’t checking for her in the least, with his 18 year old Kylie Jenner at home, he was happy to pass on his leftovers to Future.

But it seems like Chyna is either delusional or perfectly pleased with being committed to someone who doesn’t want to be committed to her.

Sources close to her told TMZ she knows Future is smashing other girls and she’s unbothered as long as she’s one of them. As far as Chyna’s concerned, that’s still “her man”.

Whichever story you believe, it’s clear Chyna’s tattoo has no real future.

We have some suggestions for her on how to move forward with her choice in body art!

1. Future club appearances with Amber Rose.


Chyna shouldn’t have ditched Amber Rose’s slut walk! Maybe she could have learned a thing or two!

2. Future wig collection.

You know what will never hurt you, play you out, or lie? Wigs! Chyna seems to have a great relationship with her wigs, she should just stay committed to amassing even more.

3. Future Instagram boutique owner.

giphy (5)

With all of the um… creative outfits Chyna rocks often, maybe she should consider starting up her own line of colorful spandex for women looking to dress just a step above former stripper. Who doesn’t need another Instagram boutique? Chyna would make a killing!

4. Future’s otha otha girl.


Or maybe she’ll really live her life as number three or four on Future’s iPhone favorite’s list.

5. Future detox tea model.


If all else fails she is the perfect candidate to sell those detox teas and waist trainers on Instagram!

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

Ariel is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and creator of Revolutionary In Pink Pumps blog. She is equally obsessed with social justice, lipstick, culture, and red wine.