Why Vegan Condoms Matter!

With the popularity of veganism and plant-based lifestyles surging, companies are taking notice and are manufacturing high-design, cruelty-free condoms for your sexual pleasure!

Sir Richard’s is an all-natural and cruelty-free condom manufacturer with the slogan, “Doing Good Never Felt Better.” 

For every condom purchased, the company donates a condom to an organization nominated by its customers.


The company launched in 2009 and began the flood of socially-conscious condom manufacturers. Since then, many have followed.

Because most latex condoms, like everything else, contain an animal byproduct of dairy milk, casein, they aren’t vegan, so now there are many alternatives.

Glyde Condoms are vegan-friendly swapping out animal proteins for a plant extract.


Sustain Condoms have a father-daughter duo behind them, and are vegan-certified.


Their main goal is the empowerment of women. 

10 percent of their profits go to nonprofits promoting reproductive healthcare access and a company-wide commitment to gender equality and sustainable manufacturing.

For those of who love pretty packaging, Naked, calls theirselves the world’s first “luxury” condom with their minimalist packaging that has satin look. 

The company has spent years perfecting their condom foil, which is German-engineered and has six layers of fumble proof foil, to help you avoid those moments of not being able to open a condom.

ONE Condoms also pride themselves on pretty packaging with crowdsourced designs showing the “fun” and “luxury” side of safe sex!



L. Condoms, which many may already be using, are described as the “millennial” condom manufacturer of them all. 

The company was founded with the purpose to curb the global AIDS epidemic and alleviating poverty. 

They assist with condom distribution and teaching sexual education in sub-Saharan Africa.LCondoms

Which vegan-friendly condom is right for you?

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

Brittney is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and a writer who has goals to disrupt culture in ways unseen.