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What?! Finance Firm Says Rihanna Is “Hot Because She’s Not Too Dark”?!

Super star Rihanna has had her shade of issues with former accountants who have managed her money in poorly in the past. Just look at the video for “Bitch Better Have My Money” and you’ll see how she plotted getting revenge.

Now there are new allegations against her financial management company Flynn Family Office (FFO), accusing the company’s partner Alan Klufeld, of saying Rihanna’s “hot” because “she’s not too dark.”

According to a lawsuit filed in a Manhattan court by former employee Robert Solomon, Klufeld’s offensive comments about women didn’t just end with Rihanna. Apparently, Klufeld made it a habit to rate women’s attractiveness based on their skin color and tone. On a regular basis, he would comment on how attractive the female clients of FFO were and even once “gave a monologue on what Caribbean nationalities were the most attractive based on skin tone.”

Klufeld allegedly didn’t just talk about the company’s clients, but other female employees as well. The lawsuit references a time he said a former assistant “lost points in his eyes because she was too dark.”

What makes this situation even more offensive is FFO is a company that seeks out wealthy and powerful women as clients. It’s a shame sexism, racism and misogyny is practiced by someone trusted with managing the finances of women.

Of course FFO swiftly released a statement denying the comments were made.

“We at FFO have always championed the rights of women and minorities, particularly in the workplace…The complaint filed today is without merit, and we intend to defend vigorously against these baseless claims.”

We’ll see how this plays out in court.

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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