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Tisha Campbell’s New Music Video Is Beautiful, Powerful, & Everything You Need!

The first 10  seconds of Tisha Campbell- Martin’s new music video for her song “Steel Here” will give you chills. The 46 year old actress has stepped back into the music world she hasn’t touched since her role as Gina on Martin.

Campbell took to twitter to give the details on the video.


Not only does Campbell’s video take your breath away, it’s her statement of power. Campbell, who was raped when she was 3 years old, recently received an apology letter from her rapists and chose to incorporate it in her video.

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Campbell’s lyrics reflect her freedom from the pain of her assault, and her determination to continue to blaze a path and her name.

… I’m still resilient
I’m always gonna be here
Because I’m supposed to be here

I’m owning my existence
It’s a system of survival
Because I’m my only rival
Yes, I’m on a mission (put your seat belt on)
I know I’m on assignment
The stars are in alignment
I’m ready for this!

 Not only is Campbell’s video empowering, it’s aesthetically beautiful, with some stunning visuals and some super talented backup dancers. At 46, the girl’s still got it and even busted out some Janet Jackson-esque dance moves towards the end.
We’re absolutely here for Tisha Campbell and her music and can’t wait to see more!
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Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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