“Netflix and Chill” has become its own verb and is probably on its way to the 2016 Oxford Dictionary, but as popular a term it is, those are 3 words most women dread! 

Guys love to suggest “Netflix and Chill” as an easy, non financially committed way to get to know a woman, but most of the time when a guy suggests this, he’s not particularly serious about getting to know you, he’d rather bed you.

There are some guys who really just are not in the market to blow big bucks on the first date.

Instead of letting them coerce you into the “Netflix and Chill” trap, try these inexpensive or free date options that will definitely help you feel out your potential boo! 


1. Scope Out the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. 

These gardens are massive and have a ton to see and do!  Plus there’s something really cute about walking through the gardens hand in hand. This isn’t even a date reserved for the summer, in the winter the hothouses are like a mini trip to Brazil!



2. Catch a laugh at UCB East. 

The Upright Citizens Brigade theater sells cheap tickets to comedy shows for up and coming comedians. There’s no better way to bond than over laughter, and you can feel out each other’s sense of humor.


3. Hello Happy Hour! 

Drinks after work is a classic and comfortable first date. Try out BushBaby in Brooklyn for an insanely cheap happy hour, funky decor, and really nice staff or the city’s cheap drink maven Blockheads in Hell’s Kitchen. 

These are two cool places to set the mood and chat. Count on the drinks to loosen you up, and with no bed around, you won’t run the risk of ending up between the sheets if you don’t want to! 



4. Go Rowing on The Hudson. 

Feeling a little sporty? Then maybe try taking a free rowing class together at the NYC Downtown Boathouse! 

Trying something new and adventurous sets the tone to get to know each other better and even if you don’t go out again, at least you learned something new! 



5. Get Artsy At MoMA! 

MoMA is free on Friday nights from 4 to 8. The ticket gets you access to all the galleries, exhibits, and movies for free. Take in some post modern art and feel out just how cultured your date is! 



6. Wet Your Pallet Wine Tasting! 

Bottlerocket hosts free wine tastings Thursday to Saturday from 5 to 8. Or if you’re up to it, sign up for a private class and dazzle him with how sophisticated your grape juice skills are! 




7. Let Your Body Do the Yoga!

Yoga To The People offers free yoga for everyone, and this is a great opportunity to show off your flexibility and share some laughs over how awkward your downward facing dogs look!

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

Ariel is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and creator of Revolutionary In Pink Pumps blog. She is equally obsessed with social justice, lipstick, culture, and red wine.