Add Ciara to the list of #bodygoals!

The R&B starlet has always been known for her svelte figure, but the 29 year-old mother of one is serving “body envy” after getting her body back in tip-top shape since giving birth to son, Future Zahir.

CiCi graces the cover of the September issue of Shape magazine where she shares how she lost 60 pounds of baby weight!


“When I was pregnant with Future, one thing I learned quickly was, don’t ever let a pregnant lady be hungry, because when I was, I was like the Tasmanian Devil! Indulged in all the good food the world has to offer. After he was born—when I couldn’t exercise yet—I kept eating, and I gained 60 pounds. But as soon as the doctor said I could start training again, I was on the treadmill the very next day. Once I got back into it, I worked out two or three times daily.”

Ciara began working with trainer Gunnar Peterson for one-hour sessions and would then do more sessions of cardio that same day. In addition to a clean eating plan, she was able to lose 60 pounds in only four, we said, four months!


While getting her snatch back, the singer discovered a love for boxing!

“Gunnar puts me through an hour-long plyometric cardio circuit that always includes boxing elements,” she said.

“What’s amazing is that you’re getting three-in-one training: It’s hitting your muscles; it’s a cardiovascular workout; and it’s a mental exercise. You have to be super focused when you’re boxing. After I’ve done a few rounds, I feel as if I can conquer the world.”

When it comes to dieting or just trying to eat better in general, we’ve all fallen off and given into temptation of the foods that may not be good for us.

Ciara has a theory.

“First, I give myself a break. When I’m on a strict eating regimen, at some point I have to have French fries, a cheeseburger, and some pizza. And Oreos and vanilla ice cream! I also believe that drinking tons of water and flushing out your system is crucial for training. It really helped me drop the weight. I tell myself that water is my medicine and that to stay well, I have to drink a gallon of it every day.”

Along with allowing herself to occasionally have the food she enjoys, Ciara’s dieting mantra is, ‘The food isn’t going anywhere.’ She uses this when trying to talk herself out of those cravings.

“You know those days when you think you have to have a plate of pasta right now? When I’m trying to be good, I take a minute to ask myself, Do you really need to eat all this crazy stuff? It will still be around if you want it later.'”

Goals. Serious goals!



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