Jon Stewart officially stepped down from his role on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” and passed the torch to South African comedian Trevor Noah!

Having a Black man take on such a coveted position is a big deal. Noah’s comedic resume is quite impressive and his stand up shows will keep you in stitches, but there’s even more reason to love the newly crowned king of late night!

We got 5!


1. He grew up during Apartheid in South Africa.

Noah’s mother is Black South African and his father is White European and during Apartheid their relationship was considered illegal. He often uses his experiences growing up as a mixed child in South African Apartheid in his stand up.  Growing up in a country that hates everything you are and still coming out on the absolute top, means he’s got to be one tough cookie!

Comedian Trevor Noah

2. There’s an entire documentary about him.

You Laugh But It’s True”, a documentary directed by David Paul Meyer and executive produced by Anthony Anderson, chronicles Noah’s life as a mixed race comedian in post- Apartheid South Africa. It highlights the preparation for his first one man show in South Africa and some of the major challenges he faces, including lingering racial tension.

3. He stays woke.

Life experience definitely influences Noah’s acts. He makes light of how terrible a situation Apartheid was with humor while managing to still bring attention to how real racial tension was for him. Browsing Trevor’s twitter is a stream of laughs but it’s not unusual to see his support of social justice causes like marriage equality and human rights.


4. He’s no late night rookie.

Even though Noah seems like a new face here in the US, he’s no stranger to hosting TV shows in his home country! He even had two seasons of his own talk show “Tonight with Trevor Noah”!

5. He loves himself a good selfie!

Noah is a cutie and he knows it! His Facebook page boasts tons of selfies and even usies with other prominent celebrities. Check him out with John Legend and Chrissy Tiegan.  Get this man a selfie stick; he’s a master of the front facing camera!

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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