Video: ‘Gay Demon’ Exorcised in Nigeria

While United States is celebrating marriage equality, homosexuality is being extremely criminalized and demonized nationwide in Nigeria.

In 2014, a law passed in the country banning same-sex marriage and made any “homosexual acts, associations, or meetings punishable” by up to 14 years in prison.

A shocking video posted by Christian Post, shows a Nigerian man being exorcised of his “gay demons” in a church.

The man was reportedly possessed by a “homosexual demon” after he spent a night swimming with men in Nairobi, Kenya.

Identified as Tedus, the young man sought out the church’s counsel after his experience. He shares he broke up with his fiancee and started “downloading gay pornography on the Internet.”

The exorcism happened at Synagogue Church of all Nations led by African preacher, T.B. Joshua, who is well known throughout the country.

In the video, you can see Tedus being asked questions by a preacher, Christopher, who demands Tedus’ demon to show himself.

“You cannot hide,” Christopher said to which Tedus’ demon replies, “He belongs to me. He is mine and you know it.”

The video notes, “Tedus considers being gay ‘normal,’ not realizing a spirit was behind his sudden change in affection.”

Spanning 21-minutes long, a summary in the video reads Tedus, who’s a translator at a church in Cameroon, developed “an unusual affection for men” during a dream he had after his swim with men.

The summary says 15 months later, Tedus’ is now straight and ready to marry a woman.

“Fifteen months after his deliverance, the story of Tedus has radically changed! All homosexual activitie [sp]—both physically and spiritually—have come to a complete end as the affection for men disappeared as quickly as it came,” a report from the church states.

It’s later indicated Tetus, who didn’t attend the church alone that day, was accompanied by a woman he introduced as Jessy. Tetus told the congregation he plans to marry her.

“If you are living such a life, you must understand that it’s not normal. There is a spirit behind such acts. Deliverance is the answer,” advice Tetus gives everyone, also noted in the clip.

A recent report found Nigeria is the least tolerant country of homosexuality in the world.

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