The days of online dating as an embarrassing last resort are a thing of the past.

For the Black millennial, using a dating site or even more commonly, a dating app, is a very normal means of meeting a new love.

With all the dating app options on the market, there’s no shortage of choices, but if you’re the type of girl who likes a chocolate man in her life, the mainstream dating apps like Tinder can be an overwhelming game of swipe left!

We can rejoice now because there are some dating apps out there all about uplifting Black love and we’ve got the good, the bad and the ugly on all of em’!

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Founded by two Dartmouth graduates, MELD is a dating app whose selling point is that it is designed for Black professionals, and what smart Black woman doesn’t want to land a smart Black man?

MELD is true to its word about providing Black professionals, as users need not only a Facebook, but also a LinkedIn account to be verified and accepted on the app. The one big complaint about the app is that you can only see 5 matches every 12 hours which can really take the fire out from under you if you didn’t like any of the 5 matches you’ve already seen.


All the simplicity and convenience of Tinder, with the added bonus of faces like yours. A chief complaint of Black girls on Tinder is the lack of Black men they actually come across in their swiping. SoulSwipe is pretty much nothing but Black men, with the occasional White boy who’s down for the swirl.

Like Tinder though, all you need for SoulSwipe is a Facebook account and you are bound to come across a few duds or maybe some local faces you’ve got zero interest in.


With the tagline “Chose. Get Chose.,” Bae does a pretty good job of suggesting that it’s an app specializing in Black dating. This newer dating app is similar to SoulSwipe but is generally more aesthetically pleasing, with color-coordinated profile sections featuring hometown, current town and even education.

It seems chock full of options, but it does make you wait 8 minutes to see every set of 15 matches. But hey, at least it’s less than the 12 hours MELD makes you wait.

Keeping the hope of Black love alive is definitely supported with all of these apps and there’s no harm in trying something new in your pursuit of love!

Have you ever given any of these apps a spin?

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Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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