8 Things You Should Know About Monique Pressley, The Black Woman Defending Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby just hired Monique Pressley, a super accomplished Black female attorney to represent him against his notorious sexual assault allegations, now in the dozens, and ongoing public scrutiny.

Cosby’s new attorney’s hire comes on the heels of Cosby’s admission from a 2005 lawsuit, when the comedy icon said he indeed purchased Quaaludes, a popular ’70s drug, with an intent to give them to women for sex.

Getting Pressley onboard is clearly strategic and a move by Cosby’s team to get in front of the comedian’s declining public reputation, particularly with recent reports he will have to testify to molesting a 15 year-old girl, which Pressley tried to get dismissed Wednesday.

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Hiring Pressley to defend him might be sending a message that if she, an intelligent Black woman, believes he’s innocent, then he really must be innocent.

Pressley is a D.C.-based maverick and a Howard alum with loads of bragging rights under her belt, including TV legal analyst, minister, speaker and radio show host.

There’s no doubt Pressley has her work cut out for her and time will only tell how publicly defending the embattled TV legend will work out for her career in the long run.

We found out a few things you should know about Pressley and why the Black woman caping for Cosby should be on your radar!


1. She’s a longtime defender of Cosby.

Pressley is already on the television circuit with interviews on ‘Good Morning America,’ ‘The Situation Room,’ ‘NewsOne Now’ and ‘Inside Edition’ just to name a few. In defending Cosby, she has said, “The sheer volume or number of people saying the same thing, does not make it true.”

2. She’s a strong supporter of Bree Newsome.

If you scroll through Pressley’s Instagram feed, you’ll see a picture of Bree Newsome taking down the Confederate flag with the caption, “NOW THAT’S A WOMAN. #nogutsnoglory #theyearofthewoman #takeitdown #breenewsome.”

3. She has her own firm. 

Pressley is the principal of The Pressley Law Firm, which is based in Washington, D.C. and specializes in complex civil litigation, new business incorporation and, development and church law issues.

4. Pressley is an ordained minister. 

She’s been ordained since October 2007 and in 2013, she launched Monique Pressley Ministries, a world wide evangelical ministry. Not only does she want to spread the gospel, she also empowers people to live better lives using her legal experience.

5. She hosts a radio show.

Pressley hosts a radio show called, “Breathe Through It,” where she has interviewed attorney Benjamin Crump and Bishop T.D. Jakes.

6. Pressley’s a proud HBCU alum.

Pressley graduated from the Howard University School of Law.


7. She’s a southern girl with children.

Pressley is a native of Galveston, TX and is the mother of a daughter and son.

8. Pressley is dedicated to healthy living.

She developed a three-month health and wellness program for women that provides practical health and wellness information with the Biblical teachings related to good health and diet.

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

Brittney is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and a writer who has goals to disrupt culture in ways unseen.

  • Gloria Holloway

    money causes people to sell their souls just to get some money.Michael Jackson was also accused of sexually assaulting children and everyone believed this lie,now Bill Crosby is a victim of this same scheme to get money.Attorney Gloria Allred ‘s daughter attorney Lisa Bloom has connections with judges here in Pennsylvania in Philly,so I believe she used her connections to help her mother by getting Mr.Crosby.s case unsealed.Pennsylvania is a racist place and I know first hand because I was attacked by a women and my car dented and my hand brace thrown away and the judge asked me why should he believe me over this women because she was white.She admitted attacking me all because she thought
    i passed her daughters school bus illegally and yet she knew I did not pass this school bus.The bus driver told the police I did not pass his bus illegally.My attorney was allowed to steal my retainer fee of two thousand dollars and resign from my case four days before we were to go to court.I took this women to court thinking that I would receive justice,but that was a joke.The state agencies do not work here in Pennsylvania when you are of color.So I understand why Brace took matters into his own hands because their is no justice for some people.

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  • Kennedy chambers

    I’m proud that Monique Pressley is a well established black lawyer. However, she should help protect women in our society from perverts like Bill Cosby. Why would a well respected black woman represent a man who admits to drugging women for Sexual fantasy? Monique must face the fact that Cosby is guilty; I pray Cosby receives 10 years in prison for rapping >50 women. In addition, would Monique feel differently if her daughter was raped by Cosby? Would a “minister” support this behavior? Bill Cosby is a MONSTER. Bill Cosby is a RAPIST; Bill Cosby is a LOSER. Bill Cosby is GUILTY. Bottom line.

    • Veronica B

      Innocent until proven guilty. He deserves the best representation he can buy. She deserves to make the cash.

    • wicked Beantown

      Kennedy you just another member of the specter of a campaign designed to topple the man who was one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars and an inspiration to many.

      What 50 WOMEN? STOP MAKING UP FAKE NUMBERS. Just because some random media made up a number don’t be the one repeating fake numbers unless you are part of the Conspiracy to destroy Bill Cosby AGAIN WHAT 50 WOMEN!

      • George Win

        Google it. Youll find them. No one will google it for you. Get up to speed!

        • robbiecee

          There’s no need to Google it! 50 women DO NOT have the same claim. And some of them (including Constand) were in relationships with him!

          • Why72

            Thank you!

          • Daphne Girl

            Constand is it. She’s been there all along. Her story is she believed they had a sincere friendship. She says he tried twice to put the moves on her. Twice. Any woman would tell a man that’s not what she wanted in a relationship and if it went on, you’d no longer be friends. But Constand went back for the third time. He was her friend, her mentor. BS!!! She knew what he was, she knew his intention and she went for that. She went because she knew she might get some money from him with her sob story of what to do with her life. Cosby was known for being generous. She went for money. She was a willing participant because she wanted money. She waited a year…a year!! to try to charge him and there was nothing to charge him with. She used numbers to get him to settle. Now she wants to use numbers to go for another go at it. She’s gotten away with it before and with the dogpile on now, she believes she can do it again and open the gates for the others to profit. Shameful.

      • gandalla

        Pill cosby guilty af that’s why done settled all those civil suits. He already admitted in a 2005 deposition that his MO is to drug and D down women. That’s why trying to stop the civil cases from being admitted as.evidence, that’s why they dont his wife to de disposed.
        Pill just like that pedophile R Kelly do his dirty business then pay to make it go away

        • Daphne Girl

          there most certainly is an MO going on here. It’s with the accusers.

    • jinarvada

      Would a minister support condemning and convicting a man without evidence? Would she feel differently if her son was accused of rape by multiple women from far back in his past and none of them could even provide enough evidence to even show they were in the same place together? You’ve made up your mind w/o evidence. But a minister and a lawyer do not have the luxury of accepting unsubstantiated gossip to form their conclusions.

      • Faye

        Yes she is a minister and Jesus said let he who is without sin cast the first stone. So she is going to do her job. Defend him.

      • NIKKI

        I think some of you forgot we have a legal system. Please look into the actual allegations, a lot of these woman have been examined and have been determined liars. Another 3rd made are stating that he touched or said something inappropriate to them. It’s funny to me these ladies was looking for the opportunities to advance their career. What I call groupies. I guess they having groupies remorse. …………

        • jinarvada

          I am not one of those that have forgotten we have a legal system. I have been on these boards for a year defending the legal system and criticizing the abuse that have allowed these accusers to reach the level of acceptance that they have without any evidence. I don’t support Cosby, but I do support due process, which he did not receive while being convicted in the court of public opinion. I agree with you: many of these accusers do not even describe a rape or an assault or an unknown drugging. Many complain that he kissed them, or he nuzzled their neck, or he put the moves on them and when they fought him off, he took them home, yet the media and their FB supporters continue to count them in as rape survivors. Many of them have changed their stories and, yes, many have made claims that have been proven by documentary evidence that they couldn’t have happened because he was not present at the time or place. Yet, no one has criticized that, and if you try to point this out on these boards, the “victim” supporters accuse you of being a rapist yourself, a misogynist, or a rape apologist, and none of that bullying has been investigated, either

    • Loretta

      You need to do more research, Look up the word “Zionist” that’s the group that Ronald Regan hired to take Bill Cosby down years ago. Cosby was getting ready to go back on air to help young black males and females realize that the system is against them and it looks like the Zionist shut him down. Something to think about. Google: Problems that Reagan had with Cosby.

    • Why72

      Why are you so quick to believe all these women who admitted to taking pills and drinking with him! Also most said after the incident, they kept sleeping with him! What kind of sick women are they!! No rape victim I know keep going back for 2nd and 3rds! Or wait 30+ years!! Monique is an intelligent woman who wants the answers to these quseions also

    • Daphne Girl

      she is helping women. False accusers especially of rape do nothing but hurt women and real victims. You might feel differently if you, or you father, brother or son was accused of something they didn’t do, at any time in their lives, by people who have absolutely no evidence. You or yours could very well be next.

    • Tyra Cohen

      Sounds like you are one of the 50 women. I hope YOU get your justice. She’s a lawyer representing a client. Fact is none of them is her daughter. You can pray all you want and to whomever you want……you making some mighty strong judgements… You might want to pray for yourself.

    • Roses are Red

      That’s the beauty of the judicial system in America. A person is innocent until proven guilty!!! Besides, there are 2 sides to every story!!!!

  • Danielle Damas

    Get your facts straight before you judge someone at least. You weren’t there so how do you find him guilty so easily? You need to use you brain and stop eating every thing that someone wants to feed you. Too many people out there like you, so easily manipulated and lead by the media. It’s a shame.

    • gandalla

      He admitted under oath. How much more yiu need

      • faith


      • VernonDozier

        I agree!

        Still, you need to be a doctor to prescribe drugs and let’s face it– Dr. Huxtable is a fictional character.

        • Tyra Cohen

          He didn’t prescribe them nor force them to take them. I’m sure party drugs was being passed around without prescriptions.

      • Daphne Girl

        no, he didn’t. Get your facts straight.

      • Gregory Chandler

        Many people will admit, under oath, that the year is 2016. Go ahead and run with those admissions.

        • gandalla

          He know he guilty af that’s why they trying to stop his wife deposition.
          that’s what he get for messing with white women they are the devil

          • Serenity Peace

            i agree with that 2nd part.

    • Chris J. Malone

      Ehrm that should be ‘led’ not ‘lead’… since you are so sanctimoniously spouting intelligence.

  • carla12

    Bill Cosby is only ONE MAN who claims he is innocent…….There are >50 WOMEN who claim he is NOT.

    That means it is the word of ONE MAN and his HIGHLY PAID LEGAL TEAM against FIFTY+ women, and that number is rising steadily.

    In a day when women need to band together to protect eachother against the horrors of male violence, I find it horribly disturbing how quickly and easily this opportunist would instantly question over FIFTY accusers, diminishing their horrible treatment, and erasing and ignoring their pain, simply dismissing ALL FIFTY accusations as a “lie.”

    It’s so deeply shameful. I pray for this delusional woman, Ms Pressely, that she would see that all us woman need to defend eachother. Or men will continue to feel that they have the right to oppress.

    I am so sad and deeply disappointed tonight that this woman has joined forces with the powers of patriarchal male oppression!

    • wicked Beantown

      Carla, what 50 WOMEN? STOP MAKING UP FAKE NUMBERs. Just because some random media made up a number don’t be the one repeating fake numbers unless you are part of the Conspiracy to destroy Bill Cosby AGAIN WHAT 50 WOMEN!

      • George Win

        Google it and get up to speed!!!

        • robbiecee

          Mr. Win, you put entirely too much faith in Google! You and Google may have to eat your words.

      • Bryn Williams

        Thank you smh . did people stop realizing its OK to think for themselves ? They throwing around 50 women just because the media is throwing it around lol these sheeple kill me ..

    • DJ GaFFLe

      So I guess you one of the sheep that fell for the ole’ “Weapons of Mass
      Destruction” case your former president made for invading Iraq huh?
      Don’t fall for the media blitz and please remove your blindfolds

    • Why72

      Just because 50+ women say it does not mean most are not in for money! I am 100% against rape! I am also 100% against women looking for a payday! The vast majority had consensual relations with him on several occasions. Why keep sleeping with him if he is raping you??? Why most wait 30+ years??? Do your homework before speaking.

      • Roses are Red

        Besides, the majority of these rapes supposedly took place at Hugh Hefner’s playboy mansion. We all know the reason why these women were there–to perform sexual favors!!! The reason why they are latching onto Bill is because he is a billionaire and they see dollar signs. Bill, don’t fall into Michael Jackson’s trap and give in to these women!!!!

    • Vernon

      So 50 say it and that makes it true? What if 50 people went to the police and told them that you robbed them, would that make it true? Your logic has no merit at all. And that’s true!

    • Cee Hep

      And 3 have already said they were paid to lie.

    • jinarvada

      Are you saying that all women must think alike? If you are a woman who looks at the unsubstantiated claims of 50+ women who can’t even provide a single bit of credible evidence over a period of fifty years and reach a conclusion different from your own, then we should be ashamed. Right? I thought women were supposed to celebrate our differences, not just fold under pressure with the mob. Some of us are actually capable of thinking for ourselves.

    • Daphne Girl

      50 lies does not equal truth.

    • Tyra Cohen

      Patriarchal male oppression…I want Bill Cosby if he is indeed quilty after over 20 plus years to get the exact same punishment that the police get for killing innocent kids in the street, or the self proffessed child molesters get. We have current hideous brutal malicious serial killer, mass murder crimes taking place. Rape unfortunately is not a new occurence. I am no advocate of the crime of rape whether from a slave master or a rich comedienne, punishment is in order. Suddenly people adopt these high moralistic values. This woman you call delusional is an attorney of law, retained to interpret the law. She doesn’t need your prayers, she has dominion to speak to her own inner GOD. She seem to be doing extremely well to be so called delusional.
      A lie is a lie no matter how many believe it. The truth is still the truth if nobody believes it.

    • Roses are Red

      Why on God’s green earth did it take over 50 women over 20 to 30 years to come forth. I know all 50 women can’t say they was afraid of Bill Cosby since there is no evidence of him ever being violent. Let’s just say, it is some people’s natural to holler rape when they can’t get their way!!!!

    • Darryl G. Wilson

      Carla12, can you give me a Plausible explanation as to why, out of all these women, that not 1 of them took it upon themselves to go to a hospital, a doctors office, a health clinic or seek some type of medical attention after they were sexually assaulted/ raped by this man? You’re talking about the word of 50 women verses the word of 1 man and how women have to support one another. Clearly you feel that due to the numbers they must be telling the truth. Well here’s a news flash for you. This is black history repeating itself. Black men were lynched simply because “A white women” said a black man raped them and they knew it was a lie. Just like the has been, drug addicted, pathological liar Janet Dickerson. Not to mention the host of criminal women accusers that are now dropping like flies after being caught in there web of lies. You may want to consider being and independent thinker rather than allowing yourself to give up your power by letting this bias media reporting “Tell you what is true”. Gloria Allred’s face is always visible in these high profile cases, but have you ever wondered how many of those cases she actually won? She’s an opportunist just like these lying desperate money hungry women. She gets paid from her involvement, getting these women all these TV interviews, book deals etc,. She could care less about these women. That’s why she’s try to bait Ms. Pressley into debating this case with her publically. That’s not what a professional, respectable attorney does. That what politicians do, debate. Attorneys deal with “The Law” and clearly Ms. Allred is aware of that, that’s why she’s conducting herself “Like a politician” because he expertise in law is questionable, but I guess that doesn’t matter to someone as yourself because you don’t chose to think for yourself. Good luck with that mindset.

  • vernakitson

    What is on this list that I really need to know and that would help me see her differently, even in an admiring way? Not a single thing. She’s not the only black woman to have her own law firm, she’s not the only black woman to have a ministry or a talk show, or to come up with ways to “help” black women lose weight. Tell me what kinds of cases she has won; tell me how she has helped to make communities better. Tell me something that doesn’t lead back to how much money she makes and air time she takes up. Sorry, not impressed.

    • Yvette Walton

      It was background information. The article wasn’t to impress you or anyone else. What’s your background? Would we be impressed?

    • A Bert

      You sound stupid. Claiming you are for women…while insulting a want who has done nothing to you.

      • vernakitson

        I see. Don’t complain about the drivel that I am being served; just suck it up and say “amen”. Got it. Hope you’ve been properly fed.

        • Tyra Cohen

          He’s right you do sound stupid!!

    • Tyra Cohen

      Now the lawyer is on trial???? Who cares if you’re impressed then don’t hire her as your lawyer.

      • vernakitson

        “trial”? Really? The listicle failed. What is it to you?

  • gminor1

    Why would IGAS about Cosby’s attorney?

  • Art Tyus

    What were looking at is abstractions that’s Mr. B Cosby settled a civil case which the statue of limitations was expiring Mr. Cosby enemies is pushing an agenda of rape that’s the same charge millions of American Africans males was charge with before the lynching. This is a modern day lynching destroying him from his position of a black male roll model. Last then five years ago Mr. Cosby sat out through out this country helping black males getting there life to gather also got the financial backing to buy a national television station. That’s when the attack started on Mr. Cosby right after Mr. Jackson who’s next to be criminalize?I don’t know why we have to be super negerized to believe and expect our people to face there accusers and crimes. When the European American won’t face their crimes of murder or answer their victims families. One example is Aiyana Jones we didn’t get an answer Mr. Weekley a matter of fact he’s back to work and Aiyana Jones will never become a women or anything else but a memory of injustice.Just give him his do process he was never convicted of drugging and raping women!

    • gandalla

      If he wasnt guilty why pay them??
      Why not go to trial

      • Lett Lett

        Why do the innocent take plea deals?

      • A Bert

        There was no wrong doing committed idiot. She went to the police a year after she claimed it happened and her story did not add up …they had no evidence to back what she was saying.. Bill Cosby then did an interview with a NYC news paper saying that she was after his money and that her allegations were lies…She then ran to civil court to file a defamation suit..for emotional distress…and somehow the lawyer included in her defamation suit that he gave her pills and digitally penetrate her…. She got the money she wanted. That is how it all started. ..Her civil suit started as just a defamation suit. Because Cosby spoke to the media and called her a liar…That was the reason she was able to bring the civil suit. It was based on defamation not sexual assault…somehow ..the sexual assault allegations was added to the defamation suitcase.. This is the reason why Cosby did not address these women so quickly because he got sued for defamation. Otherwise we would never have heard of Constand.

      • Daphne Girl

        are you a grown up? Seriously. Settling is an American way of life. For some, it is their way of life. And settlements happen for all kinds of reasons. We all scoof at them, but we know they’re here to stay.

  • gandalla

    Wait so if Pill Cosby already admitted he bought Q’s to give to women and rape them why hasnt been brought up on charges yet??

    • Chella

      According to his lawyer, he didn’t. He admitted to buying them for two specific women in the 70’s and it wasn’t used to rape them. The women were aware they were taking drugs. Also from the attorneys statement not all 50 women are claiming he raped them and some are claiming the believed they were raped after having consensual sexual with him multiple times before being allegedly raped.

    • Daphne Girl

      nice you like yourself. Guess someone has to.

  • gandalla

    Pill Cosby going to get it good from the brothers in the Penn after he talked about them. Pill up there acting like a house kneegro about how others should act now look at him

    • Roses are Red

      I bet he don’t!!!! Being a paralegal for over 30 years, I don’t see 13 jurors coming to an agreement to convict without any evidence. Whatever Bill Cosby admitted to in a previous case don’t have anything to do with this one; especially since the records were suppose to be sealed.

  • jimmie

    The Holy scriptures says to establish a wrong that has been committed you only need 2 witnesses. And you have 50 bleedings hearts crying for justice. The proof is in the pudding. And Bill your pudding does not taste too good. Guilty as charged.

    • Daphne Girl

      how hard would it be to get 50 people to make a claim about you?

    • Michael Fox


    • Michael Fox

      The holy scriptures also tell us that a women who has been accused of adultery and found guilty should be stoned to death

      • Michael Fox

        In addition the holy scriptures says that slaves should obey there masters. So much for the ” Holy scriptures ”

      • William Kiel

        Well, that certainly would have taken care of 50 plus accusers then. Its hard to accuse when your buried under a pile of rocks 30 to 40 years before you accuse.

  • Chris J. Malone

    I see like Omarosa she too preaches. Go figure.

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