Hitting the big O isn’t always the goal of having sex, okay, maybe only 99.9 percent of the time!

According to studies, only 57 percent of women achieve orgasm while having sex with their partner.

That’s a huge difference, compared to men who claim to orgasm 95 percent of the time.

In honor of National Orgasm Day, we’ve pulled together the hottest vibrators that can help you get to the O with or without a partner! How’s this for Friday fun?!

You’re welcome!


We Vibe 4 Plus

This vibrator is the ultimate in couple’s foreplay, no matter where you are. This g-spot focused vibrator can be controlled wirelessly from an app on your cell phone from anywhere in the world.

You know what that means. Forget sexts from the office to prep for a steamy night, give your man access and let him tease you all the way home!

Get it for $179!


Little Bird

Available this November, this neat little French vibrator syncs with audio erotica and has specific vibration patterns to match certain parts of the stories. Story time has never been such fun, now when the story reaches it’s climax, so can you! Ow!

Get more info here!



There’s nothing like a little tongue action to help push you over the edge and with the Sasi vibrator, now you can get close to some good oral stimulation.

This programmable vibrator simulates oral sex with 20 tongue patterns and pleasure vibration. With a customizable feature, it’s sure to keep you busy all night long.

Get It For $149.99



The best way to get a better orgasm is to have a strong pelvic floor and toned vaginal muscles. The Intensity Kegel Exerciser is a dual purpose vibrator that tones vaginal muscles while giving intense orgasm, inducing vibrations for the best workout you’ve had in years!

Get it for $249.99



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